Pig Farm MIX v4.6 Mod Apk (Free Shopping)


Pig Farm MIX

Pig Farm MIX v4.6 Mod Apk (Free Shopping) 【Game introduction】
A real swine breeding game “tokonohon” powers up!
“Toronto MIX” is a full-bred training game where you become the owner of a pig farm and train various pigs.

131 kinds of individuals full of personality, including new species!
This time added a bleeding function that allows you to pair newly raised pigs and create new varieties!
A rare pig which I have never seen before may be born! What?

It is also possible to list the child pigs you got in the auction
How much will your pig bid?

Grow pigs by hand salt and let them get fat!
But, goodbye will certainly come …
Cute pigs are shipped last
That’s right, because it’s a pig.

“Toronto MIX” is free to download.
It is a handy training game that anyone can enjoy.

▼ Can raise rare pigs as the owner rank rises
The more you ship a pig, the soya owner rank goes up.
In the beginning you can only stock pigs with low rareness, but pigs with higher rareness can be in stock as the rank goes up!
It is difficult to train pigs with high rarity, but the sales price jumps up when you grow well.
Let’s ship quickly and raise the owner’s rank!

▼ Let’s produce various pigs!
Pairing female pigs and male pigs makes it possible to use a bleeding function that can produce new breeds of piglets.
You can find out what piglets are born in easy operation.
Let’s grow breeding pleasure rapidly!
There seems to be several kinds of pigs available only at bleeding · · ·.

▼ “sweet hunt” grabbing sweat in hand!
You can challenge piglet hunt with “Hunt Ticket”.
You can hunt a piglet with a lasso and you can ship a new pig. Limited pigs only available in hunts! What? .
In addition, there are “rare hunt tickets” that can only hare rare pigs, there is no doubt that you will be sweating in your hands!

▼ Care is also serious! What?
Eight types of food in total. There are unbalanced pigs, pigs that eat only high foods ….
If you do not eat properly properly, rare pig will also be a simple hybrid, so take care of it well.

▼ Catastrophe must be cleaned! What?
Hun cleaning is also indispensable work for pig farmers. If you leave sabots, important pigs get sick! !
Please clean it regularly and protect your pigs.

▼ abundant breeding item!
“Humba” which automatically cleans Hun and “Air Conditioning Equipment” which makes it less prone to disease.
“Mother pig’s flooring material” in which piglets are born early by breeding,
Items that are helpful, such as “slow snails” that hunts slow the movement of pigs are also substantial.
The more skilled you are, you will be able to grow pigs efficiently with rich items.

▼ Picture book
Pigs raised will be recorded in “pig picture book”. Details such as the characteristics of pigs and how to raise are recorded.
Illustrated books are classified into 6 volumes, classified easily by the color of piglets.
You can also check the system chart in the illustration, it is useful for bleeding.
I wonder if you can compile all the pages! What?

▼ Let’s compete with the owners of the whole country!
You can compete with the pig farmers nationwide.
Who owns the most earnings? Which owner is shipping a lot? What owner is growing up well?
You can see the rankings you care about quickly. I wonder if you can be the top owner! What?ようとん場MIX


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