Pet Paradise v2.8 (Mod Apk)


Pet Paradise

Pet Paradise v2.8 (Mod Apk) Play and have fun in the Pet Paradise!
-Customize and create your own virtual pet, build and decorate your home!
-Navigate between your rooms! They’re free to decorate with drag & drop!
-Dress your pet with a thousand of combinations, feed it and take care of it!
-Plant seeds in your garden, let them grow up and harvest fruits!
-Go outside and navigate between the shops available in the city!
-Buy the most cute items in the shops and collect them!
-Visit your friends to interact with their pets and see their homes!
-Go fishing and caught the most funny and weird fish in the paradise.
-Go dig in the treasure map and get the most rare items!

Have fun sending gifts to your friends!

Available in Spanish, English, 中文, 日本語, Français, Arabic and Bahasa indonesia.

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Pet Paradise
Pet Paradise
Pet Paradise
Pet Paradise
Pet Paradise
Pet Paradise


  • Unlimited Crowns (increase instead of decreasing)
  • Unlimited Stars (increase instead of decreasing)


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