Perfect Dance v1.26 (Mod Apk)


Perfect Dance

Perfect Dance v1.26 (Mod Apk) ◆ ◇ fresh dancing Who loves music and dance, do not miss it. ◆
Meet with many musicians. And dance based on real music.
3D dance game that hits forever. Both the dance and the free dress.
Super Sound Effect It also has a story mode to follow. Follow up with friends or celebrities or dance with them.

◆ ◇ Game Highlights ◆
Premium MV Graphics!
Beautiful 3D graphics and comfort that will make you fall in love.
Smooth dance and music. And the rhythm that pushes the BGM of the song so much will give you a completely different experience.

Clothing and accessories.
Various styles of clothing and accessories are available for you to choose from. And have upgraded the jewelry to your liking. If it is hard to get light jewelry, it is not difficult.

Numerous dance modes and PK systems.
Classic 3-Way Tap Au will not let you play this game.
And a very new PK system in the dance game. The PK is for the world’s top dancers.

New to the LBS search system
New social systems that will make players not lonely at all. The couple. At the same time, there are special effects. And a club system that will compile your friends to do activities together or dance together.
The storyline.
The system is a dangerous and challenging. The storyline is a passage through to find out the secrets of the world of dancers. To help them You are the hero in the story itself.
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Perfect Dance
Perfect Dance
Perfect Dance

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