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One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand and One Nights v1.0.0 Mod After the Queen Isis stole the heart of the world, five of the brave kick to save this world, where he turned towards the castle in order to restore the heart of the world.

Although they succeeded in preventing Isis from absorbing the heart of the world, however, and during the confrontation fierce event was not into account where broke in the heart of the world and break into small pieces spread in every corner of the world, and in moments of space turned into chaos unbearable, resulting in that it merged heroes from the ancient Arab countries, Persia, India and other countries.

Back to the stories of Thousand Nights Classic Nights

Twenty exciting classic story, the task will cost the leadership of the heroes in each experiment, locked with them the difficulties and risks, and is aware of the feelings of humanity, and finally ends of the noble mission to save the world.

Game One Thousand and One Nights adopt a pattern of rotation roles RPG, but through the editing skills of the automatic system and automatic fighting can simply enjoy fighting spirit.

In order to speed progress in the play, the game also supports double-speed system, this situation is more comfortable to experience the game.

Before you start fighting or adventure within the game you first need to set up a system of “choice selection” non-existent other games.

During the formation of the team in Game One Thousand and One Nights you can configure five characters at the most.

Of course, not necessarily choose full five characters to enter into the fighting, but the more the number of people the more the number of attacks more.

Basic and decisive victory in the fighting point is the selection.

Selection is the most important system in the games reincarnation and exchange roles, so you should put the characters that play specific roles in the right places and that the formations are suitable to fight in order to achieve the principle of strategic battle, such as the defense of personal put in the foreground, offensive and personal in the ass .. etc

Battle endless towers without borders

“Towers Without Borders” is fighting another system, as it is through the adventure can get heroes or tools are difficult to obtain usually in addition to a large number of silver.

If you experience a delay in growth during the adventure you can go in “towers without borders” get good equipment, and then ascend to the adventure trip of a new system and this is also a good choice.

In the “Towers Without Borders” system that you can see the situation of your friends in the challenge, this situation makes competition hot.

At this level, the rewards and friends icons will appear, not only you can challenge your friends, but you can also get props and new tools.

The confrontation will determine the result of field fencing

If you are fed up of the upgrade you can go to the field for the duel.

It is the place in which it can be confrontational PVP

Whenever progress through higher fencing whenever the opportunity to get bigger rewards, so participating in the number of more duels and access to win is the main goal.

In order to enter the circuit of fencing you need to configure a personal heroine at least one, and five of heroes characters at the most.

After entering the game .. The first thing Ststqublh your eye on the right is the selection options.

Fencing depends on the selection that Stakhtarha, upgrade attack power and defense force effect is different, so you need to strategy options.

If you entered the fencing circuit will show you the leader of your hero, your opponent and the commander of the hero, and you can make sure all grades and objectives of fencing or level.

Game thousand skills nights automatic mandatory and liberal, and therefore there will be a lot of pressure for the novice player.

Details for the six main functions

Game One Thousand and One Nights has a nice link with the many functions of online games on the computer.

Specifically, in the foreground: tanks play the role of “defense”, the power of the powerful physical attack from a very close range represents the “attack”, magic toy represent “control”, in the rear: support other heroes “help”, the most powerful kinds of magic attacks “magic” .

Each team must logically arranged so that he can achieve great results, and of course better to take into account the nature of the selection of the enemy.

Take full advantage of the six characteristics of the formation of teams and a variety of configurations.

Especially through the “determination” system can be confirmed through the comprehensiveness of the team, “added benefits”.

The fate of the heroes can give the team a beneficial effect, and also by the level of heroes or different and varied abilities properties.

Therefore, the fate of the heroes gather a great benefit for the general method of fighting for the team selected.

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What’s modded :

{.1.} – Damage x10
{.2.} – Defense x10

How to install : Non-Rooted-Users – Signed

{.0.} – If you have my old MOD installed SKIP to Step 3
{.1.} – Backup your ingame data – to avoid data loss
{.2.} – Uninstall your current game
{.3.} – Download and install MOD
{.4.} – Extract Obb File to Android/Obb/


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