One Piece Thousand Storm KR v10.4.5 Mod Apk


One Piece Thousand Storm KR

One Piece Thousand Storm KR v10.4.5 Mod Apk . Upon initial start downloading it may take some time.
Recommended downloads in this communication environment hasigil comfortable.

■ Game Introduction
Make a nationwide co-workers and up to three parties
Easy to enjoy the multiplayer
Pirates Battle RPG cooperation [Storm] One Piece Thousand

To activate special moves hot with easy operation
Let’s defeat the enemy!
Such as the rupee, Zoro, Nami, Usopp ‘straw hat day “is, of course,
In Trafalgar, also including flamingos, who played the characters appeared in succession in the animation!

■ Make strategic attacks by simple operation!
The character will attack enemy targets ginseng!
Or change the target with a simple touch
Be specify where to move freely!
For such an enemy, coming back to try even surprise
Come to rescue colleagues also in crisis situations!

■ produce specific personality out of character special moves
Rs ‘Rubber Red Hawk’
‘War’ percentages of Zorro
Sanji of ‘diahbeul jambeu’
Sam beuljeu ‘to Trafalgar
Of mihokeu and ‘blackness samyeon section …
Brilliantly revives directing special moves into 3D!
A variety of technical character by circumstances
Let’s speak freely!

■ enjoy with colleagues across the country in collaboration Battle
Continuing the quest, event
You can sign a new character with colleagues!
Create your own dream team
Configure up to three colleagues and teams throughout the country,
Enjoy multiplayer!
It also supports single mode, where you can enjoy yourself!

■ Character development
Scenes are shown in the animation
The story appeared decorated with cards!
When mounting the storage card Scenes
The character becomes more powerful!

Skills you get a card with a story
The character will learn a new special moves!
Let them together vigorously develop the character scenes!


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원피스 사우전드 스톰
원피스 사우전드 스톰
원피스 사우전드 스톰
원피스 사우전드 스톰
원피스 사우전드 스톰
원피스 사우전드 스톰

1.) weak enemies
2.) enemy always drop
3.) always lucky
4.) free evolve player & card scenes
5.) 5x exp gain
6.) massive Friend and Fame points gain
7.) unlimited stamina
8.) unlimited Belly
9.) and many other things that I forget

1.) this mod is unsigned. you’d need root to install this mod with LP patched to the OS and signature verification patched as well (LP – toggle – Patch to Android – patch 1, 2, 3)
2.) can’t root your device? just install emulators (nox or memu) and patch it with LP before installing mod…

Install Steps:
1.) new players, install PS/apkpure version first, pass through the first tutorial where you need to put your name
2.) install mod, continue play


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