Norns Fantasy v1.3 Mod Apk


Norns Fantasy

Norns Fantasy v1.3 Mod Apk With beautiful character design, magnificent gameplay visuals, and an addictive combo mechanic, Norns Fantasy is a mobile puzzle RPG unlike any you have ever seen!

Game Features

Exciting Combo System
Connect Runes to execute massive combo attacks! Push your combo limit by utilising Spell Runes with unique effects!

Real-time Co-op
Tired of the lack of real online play in puzzle games? Norns Fantasy supports real-time, multiplayer boss raids! Meet friends, join a guild, and take on enemies together!

The gods who control the world are in your hands! Their awesome abilities can turn the tide of battle in an instant!

Assemble Your Team
A wide variety of characters from four clans (Human, Nature, Machine, Sprite) and five elements (Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Void) means you can customize your party to suit your playstyle! The possibilities are endless!

Gorgeous Battle Effects
The amazing graphical effects, combined with the puzzle gameplay, create an addictive experience that will make your heart pound and leave you breathless!

Norns Fantasy
Norns Fantasy
Norns Fantasy
Norns Fantasy
Norns Fantasy
Norns Fantasy

1.) god mode
2.) no CD
3.) up to 10x dmg
4.) infinite combo

1.) god mode = your HP reduce but you never die
2.) no CD = on any of your skills
3.) dmg can be adjusted from 0 to 100 (scale) but will only be multiplied by 10x (e.g. 60 means 6x dmg)
4.) infinite combo requires you to make AT LEAST 1 chain/move to fill it up. Also infinite combo cannot be disabled on this release – it will get fixed on next release

Install Steps:
1.) install mod, play
2.) one of the stage where you face boss (in tutorial) require you to DIE, make sure you disable god mode

Use of this mod means you fully accept risks of banning. Consider yourself warned.


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