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Norns Fantasy CN

Norns Fantasy CN v5.0 Mod Apk Hundreds of years ago, civilization is about to come to an end “mechanical industry,” “spirit world” and “Eudemons world” pioneers who came to the door through time and space “Noah.”

Noah became their salvation, they are here to develop and building the country. However, the clash of civilizations, population expansion and competition for resources intensifies the contradiction of all walks of life, from the “spirit world” immigrants provoke war quickly spread throughout the world.

“Spirit world,” the army was eventually defeated the Terran and Fates.
Although the war is over for hundreds of years, but revenge embers still dark around the corner.

Noah mainland so you save!

[Game Description]
“Different world fantasy” is the first to support four people instant connection to eliminate third-hand travel team, the Japanese RPG theme combines the elimination of connection, the concept of special props play multiple, even burst, restraint and other skills, luck, strength, lack of strategy one can not, the operation simple and approachable at the same time challenging.
Beautifully cool role model, the magnificent epic story, a great battle against flu and gorgeous special effects skills Colorful fascinating. Team up with a friend through the trials, more fun, more generous reward.

“Different world fantasy” is a free game, but the Protoss can also buy gems in the game, collecting stars as a summon spirit, community of God king, recuperate and so on. If you do not want to use this feature, set password protection purchase in the Google Play Store settings. Moreover, according to our “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy”, you must be at least 16 years old to download or experience a “different world of fantasy.”

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1.) god mode
2.) no CD
3.) up to 10x dmg
4.) infinite combo

1.) dmg can be adjusted from 0 to 100 (scale) but will only be multiplied by 10x (e.g. 60 means 6x dmg)
2.) infinite combo requires you to make AT LEAST 1 chain/move to fill it up

Install Steps:
1.) install mod, play
2.) one of the stage where you face boss (in tutorial) require you to DIE, make sure you disable god mode


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