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Monster Beast

Monster Beast v0.1.111 Mod Apk Are you ready to plunge into the world infested by an infernal virus? Then this game is for you! An explosive mix of a runner, adventure and an action platformer savored with demonic entourage and a grim soundtrack is waiting for you!

Somebody’s mistake led to a global calamity, and a simple ostrich gets a chance to remedy everything. This careless dodger and mingler has to adjust himself to the new world and at the same time to save the souls of other animals infected with a deadly virus.

Try both to dodge obstacles and defeat all enemies! Take up the challenge that the game throws to your reaction!

A wide range of upgrades offers various advantages. Collect all the sets and level yourself up to the max!

 Let the revenge all legend monsters!

Will you be able to defeat the enemy superior to you in strength? Try it if you dare!

Go through a variety of locations, each having its own climate, monsters and bosses!
Kill enemies as in a dash!
Jet jumps and the possibility of flying to the full will allow us to reveal our skill and courage.

The game draws parallels between our world and a fictional one where the main character has to learn how to overcome all difficulties, to fight against evil, monster and ignorance all alone. Everyone can become a legend hero, even an ordinary ostrich. The main thing to remember is that the victory comes not to the strongest, but to those who do not give up and stand to the end!

Monster Beast is an exciting platformer sauced with irony, flavored with references and hints, and abundantly poured with hardcore.

• Background — anthropomorphic animal world infested by an infernal virus
• Main character — a modified ostrich
• Enemies — beast monsters from the neighboring high-tech dimension
• Goal — to clean the Earth from the deadly virus
• Techniques — upgrade the ostrich, RUN, SWIPE, DESTROY, repeat!

In Monster Beast we created a universe reflecting our modern life. The grotesque and cartoon world will show you usual and routine things from a new perspective.

Hardcore and drive will not let you get bored. 
And remember, even an ordinary ostrich can become a superhero!

Ok google – monster clash like in dash – lets the revenge begin!
Monster Beast
Monster Beast
Monster Beast
Monster Beast
Monster Beast
Monster Beast

1) High amount of souls ( There currency)

Install Steps:
1) Download mod apk
2) Install and enjoy


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