Memory of Pannotia v0.6.28 Mod Apk


Memory of Pannotia

Memory of Pannotia v0.6.28 Mod Apk 【What is the memory of Pannotia? 】

◆ Story
Two thousand years from the collapse of Cell · Passo, Pannotia 2nd planet El · Roa. A crack started to occur in the age of peace. The main character Decora suffering from his own birth and parchmenter of childhood friend.
In the magnificent world where various races live, the story of two people and their companions will be unfolded.

◆ Features of the memory of Pannotia

① Very easy!
The battle and the MAP movement also progress smoothly with auto.
After organizing the party, the dongdon game will proceed just by looking at it.

② Do flashy skills!
Battle with enemies with colorful and doctoral skills for each character.
The exhilarating battle scene is impressive.

③ Individual and attractive character!
Various races, even monsters become friends.
Power up by skill strengthening, appearance may change if ranking up.

④ Epic story!
The everyday story leads to a magnificent story that holds the fate of the world.
What is waiting for the future of the hero and his colleagues?

⑤ Abundant wearing element!
Loading elements such as character development, MAP capture, progress of story and so on.

Recommended for people like this
· I want to enjoy nostalgic royal road RPG
· I want to enjoy games easily in a little time
· I want to taste exhilaration with a flashy battle
· I want to enjoy unique characters and stories
· I love the elements of the game
· I like the fantasy world

◆ Important
When downloading this application,
Please be sure to check the following information.

Since communication with the server is always required during play,
Please enjoy in a communicable environment.
It supports 3G / 4G (LTE), communication over Wi-Fi line.

◆ Price
App body: free
※ There are some charged items.

◆ Supported OS
Android 5.0 or later

◆ Official website

◆ Official Twitter

◆ Official Twitter hashtag
# Pannotia パンノティアの記憶

– Attack x10
– Defence x10

Install Steps:
– Backup your data account first
– Uninstall/Replace Original Apk
– Install Mod
– Enjoy


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