Memories Of The Blue v1.6.1 Mod Apk


Memories Of The Blue

Memories Of The Blue v1.6.1 Mod Apk 【The world view intermingled by super luxury staff】
Overturn the common sense of the smartphone,
One of the best staff of the game industry gathers one after another!

Image Illustration: Yoshitaka Amano
Sound: Masaharu Iwata (Basis Cape)
Scenario: Tanaka Go / Matsumoto Hiroki (Romancework)
Character Voice: Matsuoka Sadaho / Akane Sakura / Ami Koshimizu / Kenji Akabane Other

A magnificent scale, a heavy story, a sound trembling sound … Enjoy the overwhelming worldview spelled by super luxury staff!
Here is a drama that goes beyond just the smartphone.

【Easy and refreshing single hand vertical holding】
In the battle, adopt 2D horizontal scroll action.
At your battlefield, where your enemy ally moves in real time, your skills are tried.
Tackle the enemies that are approaching with abundant skills by character and weapon!

Also, while it is an easy operation to play with one hand,
Various actions such as jump and step are possible.
It is a counterattack with a brilliant dodge of range attacks of various enemies up and down, left and right!

Furthermore, if you hit a skill, the magic stone gauge rises.
Join the combo, accumulate the gauge, pound the big game ‘Manastone liberation’! It is!
If you work together in cooperative play, you can even release a stronger blow!

【4 jobs · up to 3 cooperative play】
There are four types of jobs in various characters that appear.

Short distance × high firepower, fighter.
Medium distance × balanced type, night.
Magician is good at long range attack.
Priest, focusing on recovery and support.
Party that made use of each special feature, go through various stages!

Also, it is possible to play online multiplayer with up to 3 people.
Keep communicating, combine strengths, defeat the enemies and defeat them!

[Customize armor & character]
Armor available in the middle, accompanying companions can be strengthened in town.
In addition to ‘strengthening’ and ‘evolution’ of weapons,
Customize the status of your choice with the character’s “ability release”.

Let’s train reliable friends and powerful weapons according to their play style!

【Skillful voice voice actors direct the story! 】
As the main responsibility of the main characters,
Matsuoka Sadjyo, Sakura Ayane,
Ami Koshimizu, Kenji Akahane et al
Luxury voice actors gathered!

Breathe life into a heavy story, excitement with a voice full of presence!

A small island floating in the Channel, “Vineland”
We have a five-star alliance holding the Roman church in the west, and the east is facing the Kuzan empire which dominates the continent by military power.
While being placed in the gap between the powerful powers,
From the ancient times the land has been protected from independence by the power of a man of manastone use.

However, the speculation of the two great powers who want the power of using manastones quietly, yet surely eat the minds of the people of the island.

Those who contribute to the coalition,
Those who contribute to the empire,
They gave birth to neutrality and independence.

Coalition factions, mainly of silver clans.
Imperialism centered on white clans.
Medieval style centered on blue and red clans.
Governance of the divided island was disturbed, and more blood flowed due to frequent skirmishes.

The island entered the era of undiscovered civil war.
[Recommended Specifications]
Android 4.1 or higher
Capacity: 1 GB
CPU: snapdragon 800 series equivalent or more
Number of cores: 4
Maximum clock: 2.2 Ghz
【Contact Us】
【Wright Flyer Studios Official Website】

Mod 1:
1. We are invincible


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MOD 2:
1.Infinite skill


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