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Luna M Cn

Luna M Cn v0.12.637 Mod Apk Spring Festival is coming! Festive and peaceful re-emergence in the blue earth, LUNA goddess sent blessings for everyone! Spring fishing competition is coming soon! To catch big fish, get equipment and increase your strength, refused to be salted fish! Super Funny “Salted Fish” equipment is waiting for you to create, unique character SHOW keeps! There are many more Spring Festival activities open! Rich health allows you to get soft! All the people “fishing” music, HIGH turn the entire Spring Festival!

Touching continuation Classic IP resurrection
Once… In order to team up with the comrades on the line, rushing back to the dormitories or even skipping lessons is to share with you the battlefield, win and share the fruits of each other’s victory! Nowadays, players can no longer work hard, just pick up their mobile phones and connect with their comrades! A variety of classic games perfect engraved! Let us go back in time to those years of mood!

Restore the three classic career settings: Warriors, Mage, Assassin to play together!
The three basic occupations are richly transferred in the later period, free to create exclusive brave people, and challenge the big devils! what! ! Here’s how bosses are so fierce! ?

Alarm alert! Cute attack! Erupt your nosebleed!
Keep pets together to make up, faithful mercenaries call you to kill your enemies! Classic Q Meng model HD engraved, want to bathe with your goddess / goddess?
Variety Fashion Rich Emoticons True Sex At Any Time SHOW
With the mood, you can not only put on different clothes, but also put different expressions! 365 days a day has a unique expression, bring you a different feeling! Even if you go to school late or get to work late, be sure to keep smiling. Otherwise, you won’t be beautiful!

At first sight, end alone
No longer need to sing love songs, no need to envy double pillows, and chances to meet your Mr(s) in Luna M. Right! As long as it is true love, what gender is not a problem! Goddess LUNA wishes you all! Social people 94 you!

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The software is classified by the game software classification management method as a supplementary 12
This game is free to use. In-game games are provided for purchase of virtual game currency, items, etc.
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging
“Sex” – The character of the game wears a prominent feature of clothing or dress but does not involve sexual intimacy and has an educational or medical nudity
“Love dating” – Game design encourages users to fall in love or get married Luna M(首部曲): 與啾咪少女一起戀愛派對
Luna M(首部曲): 與啾咪少女一起戀愛派對
Luna M(首部曲): 與啾咪少女一起戀愛派對
Luna M(首部曲): 與啾咪少女一起戀愛派對
Luna M(首部曲): 與啾咪少女一起戀愛派對
Luna M(首部曲): 與啾咪少女一起戀愛派對MOD:
1.) instant death (press back button)
2.) 10x dmg, 10x def


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