Love Beat: Anytime v1.38 Mod Apk


Love Beat: Anytime

Love Beat: Anytime v1.38 Mod Apk Love is a bit different with people dancing to the music
Community-type dance rhythm game.

♬ real-time charging
Look Enjoy the latest music and dance sensation with up to six people, come on!
Show off your skills on each other in the exhibition, and
Survival as a team 3: also enjoy a three-War!

♬ different modes
Tok! Tok! Teotteurineun soap bubble bubble! Left, right, left! Classic memories!
Rivaling the two play together and skills rankings ago
Several such challenges unfold fierce battle with different DJ every day
Look to play game modes!

♬ Community System
Easy Chat, macro capabilities, and bulletin boards, such as Pam.
Love bits that can easily get to know new people! Now alone
I do not love the bit as the game alone!

♬ production system
Through the game we can create together to ride the design and material!
Try one more layer confident in my own fashion through the ride!
Faster than anyone iteuljido and others will be able to play different …?

♬ updated weekly
Every week they Liberty costumes and new music will be updated!
Try to purchase a variety of costume fashion styling my character!
In addition, we have an update for you are constantly ready!

Permissions The following permission is required for in-game screenshots saved.

러브비트 : 애니타임
러브비트 : 애니타임
러브비트 : 애니타임
러브비트 : 애니타임
러브비트 : 애니타임
러브비트 : 애니타임

Auto Play¹

¹Full Combo included. Classic mode only. Against NPC always use “AUTO PLAY + WOW”.
“AUTO PLAY + COOL” Is to be used wisely on PvP so the opponents don’t suspect you so much.


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