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Lost Kingdom

Lost Kingdom v1.0.0 Mod Apk “Lost Kingdom ” has been around the fall,
As the guardian of the people you are the last hope,
Can you hold the last line of defense for mankind?

“Epic-style siege war is ubiquitous”
In the “Lost Kingdom – Doomsday” world, every battle will affect the ultimate fate of mankind. In every combat mission, you need to quickly beheaded the designated monster leader, a large number of wiping out groups of evil spirits, in time to keep the enemy invasion until the reinforcements arrived, or through the siege equipment to lay fortress base … …

“Honor Ladder Challenge Live Instant PvP”
Top duel, who with the battle? Quickly put on a strong equipment to show the ultimate combat power, into the arena and other players a higher, to see who is the last to honor the honor of the ladder of the real hero! 1v1 live real-time war, test your fighting skills, eight large group war, test your viability! The warrior must continue to fight to prove their own value, you ready?

“Nightmare BOSS level four instant connection mission war”
BOSS from the abyss of the hell and so you challenge with his comrades! Four people out of the process of fighting the group, grid file, dodge after the move can resort to gorgeous lore skills, and team members need to be able to knock down the BOSS to give a fatal blow. Be careful not to pull your hatred too high, the nightmare of the BOSS is staring at you … …

“Tame the strongest fighting mounts ordered the beast unparalleled combo”
A copy of the battle hidden in the fierce beast waiting for an opportunity to move, ready to attack! But as long as people than fierce, successful tame beast after the successful use of riding function, and command the beast to fight; whether it is rolling sprint or claw attack can help you fight a hand!

Lost Kingdom-末日終戰:精英封測
Lost Kingdom-末日終戰:精英封測
Lost Kingdom-末日終戰:精英封測
Lost Kingdom-末日終戰:精英封測
Lost Kingdom-末日終戰:精英封測
Lost Kingdom-末日終戰:精英封測

2.We attack against the enemy’s defense


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