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Lord of Dungeon

Lord of Dungeon v1.23.01 Mod Apk Dungeon Simulation RPG ! Lord of Dungeon !
개발자 연락처 :
ekgames .inc ▶ new concept Dungeon management simulation! Lord of the dungeon!
★ ★ manager of towns and dungeons you are right!
It is the administrator of the town and dungeon exploration, quickly through the visitors’ auction
Grow and build up wealth and fame Feel the rich kingdom!

◆ new concept Dungeon management system
– Be managed by placing the monster trapped in the occupation dungeons.
– Expanding and evolving dungeons with more visitors to visit
It brings revenue –

◆ infinite become stronger instinct for navigation
– Attractive occupation dungeons high through the navigation!
– Take a browse through the monster!
– By looting the cattle production of another user obtains the Constant!
– In order to be strong search, browse again !! Do not forget –

◆ Town & Growth Management System
– LA enjoyed a well-managed by the demand and supply of the village. Simulation elements!
– Check often demand conditions in the village. Malyijyo want to pay a lot of money ~

◆ 200 species of distinctive and fellow Monster
– La collect and grow stronger.
– Gathers colleagues! Take Monster! And nurturing!
Battle, explore, collect and try to grow a variety of distinctive characteristics, such as peer arrangement.
Level up, as well as upgrades, strengthening, itdapnida can create your own powerful skills to strengthen co-workers –

◆ Shortcuts in rich kingdom auction system
– Be who grow more quickly through the auction house. Auction deal!
– When using the auction site well grow even faster and we can also be a rich-item jaetekeu’s the truth!

◆ Only the cooperative to live, visitors wanso system
– Please ensure the equipment and items you need to hit the dungeons of other barons.How?With!
– When using the system for all the visitors are browsing colleagues turned 5 turns doendapnida reduced.

◆ unlimited competition rankings ago
– A combination of five colleagues to let the resistance point advantage!
– Even if the level is somewhat low, I can win A good combination of a colleague – not even try challenging expedition bateuni single ticket.

◆ If more enjoyable with the guild system! Union!
– Union won in cooperation with Aid to let your boss monsters!
– When you sign up for United’s attack with the bosses and union sources have been found able to obtain compensation –

Dungeon Simulation RPG! Lord of Dungeon!

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