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Lemuria Bay

Lemuria Bay v1.2.3 Mod Apk Welcome to Lemuria Bay !
Explore tropical islands to collect cute monsters on and fight with them on match-3 battles!
Discover new races in the magical portal and evolve your creatures to become stronger.
When some little mugwais land on an unknown island after an hazardous journey, they meet some strange creatures that used to inhabit these ancient lands. They soon discover that they must coexist and collaborate to live happily.
Will you undertake the perilous task to track down and capture these legendary creatures?

* Build a menagerie of mystical creatures
* Harness the power of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light and Darkness
* Reveal your monsters’ fighting skills through a breathtaking puzzle combat
* Discover a captivating universe with many islands to unlock
* Create new habitats, plant crops, and watch your captured creatures thrive
* Achieve hundreds of quests and climb the mystic tower to try to beat the Legendary Creatures

New creatures and habitats, quests, decoration items, islands and new features will be added very soon – we’ll keep improving the app every month

Install now Lemuria Bay and have fun !
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Lemuria Bay
Lemuria Bay
Lemuria Bay
Lemuria Bay
Lemuria Bay
Lemuria Bay


1. Unlimited Crystals
2. Unlimited Coins
3. Unlimited Food
4. Unlimited Energy
5. Unlimited Copper Tokens
6. Unlimited Silver Tokens
7. Unlimited Gold Tokens
8. Premium Package 20.59$ USD Purchased
9. Anti-Ban (Untested)


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