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Legend Blades:War to world

Legend Blades:War to world v2.2 Mod Apk  About the Game
A race called “Titan” in the universe destroys the old evil everywhere and spreads the order.
There is another kind of space in the universe – twisted void, you can link the universe everywhere, the invading devil invincible devil established orderly planet Titan.
Titan warrior “Sargeras” is responsible for guarding the order, in the endless battle, he gradually felt that if there is no creation, there will be no need for biological protection, there will be no biological suffering, and then think Titan order itself is wrong, Chaos is the essence of the universe. He was crazy, and left the Titan.
In order to destroy all orderly, Sargeras will defeat the demon prisoners have been released, and to the Argus planet Eredar race of the three leaders in the two adjutants, one is the military division Kil’jaeden, one General Archimonde, the formation of the Burning Legion.
Another leader, the Prophet Velen, thought Sarger was wrong, and with the help of the Neru, he led a group of Eredars to Delano. In Delano met the original orcs. Although the orcs are still in order to survive with the ogre to cut, but it is believed Shamanism peaceful race. Eredar people decided to settle, renamed themselves as the draenei, the construction of Shattrath, Auchindoun and Kalapo.
Titan only know that Sargeras quit, but do not know he mutiny. Titans continue to build order, and finally came to Azeroth.
Titan set up experimental bases, Uldum, Uldaman and Ulduar. Then do experiments to create life, created the perfect inorganic biology. But also in the construction of the Panorama Thunder Mountain Arak brake engine.
Titan left, to establish order on the other planets.
Titans returned to Azeroth, Azeroth observation of the progress of life and found that four parasites – the ancient gods – came to Azeroth. They are: Ke Suen, Yogesalon, Niezasi, Asia Shaji. They have flesh and blood corrosion of Azeroth, the Titan created a perfect inorganic organisms into the organic stone E strange.
Titan defeated the ancient gods, but can not kill, because the ancient gods parasitic in Azeroth, flesh and blood, to kill the ancient gods is to destroy Azeroth, had to seal. But do not know why, kill the sub-Shaji, leaving the essence of sub-evil. Yasha death before the last breath into the fear of evil, mad of evil, anger of evil, the evil of the suspect, the loss of evil, hate the evil, proud of the evil. Titan found evil evil is born with the heart, it is impossible to destroy, and only by their own pure heart to resist the evil spirit of life.
Titan to re-create life, made the earth spirit. Stone E strange and the history of the earth spirit see copy: Uldaman.
Titan to Wulong to divine power, red dragon life, blue dragon magic, green dragon dream, bronze dragon time, black dragon power protection azeroth. In Ulduar, six guards and observers, Algalon, were left, and the Titans were informed when necessary. In the Pandaren Leiden left guarding the engine.
Titan left Azeroth.

**** Game Features ****
1. Pocket WOW, the new movement has begun! Recurrence of Ten – year Classic
2. Straightforward manipulation, dazzling skills, multi-hero mode, bring you never tired of fighting experience
3. Original Boss battlefield, take you to experience the epic game!
4. Hundreds of combinations of skills to guide you to the invincible battlefield

Legend Blades:War to world
Legend Blades:War to world
Legend Blades:War to world
Legend Blades:War to world
Legend Blades:War to world

Mod Info:
Unlimited coins.
Unlimited gems.
Unlimited skill points.
Human VIP.
Orc VIP.
Ads removed.


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