Legacy of Heroes v1.0.5 Mod Apk


Legacy of Heroes

Legacy of Heroes v1.0.5 Mod Apk , offers you a bran-new Western Magic World you have never seen before, where you will see delicate character sculpts in wonderful gaming scene. You will lead your hero to fight fiercely for powerful stone with kinds of funny Orcish here. You will recruit more little buddy who has his own strength and power to enlarge your team gradually to help you pass the coming Orcish stage. You will be the governor of this family one day!

The carnival of 30 days is waiting for you with large number of rewards.

Funny Orcish leads the whole story: The protagonist Orcish plays with you all the way to tell you the true story gradually.

High definition picture based on Unity 3D technical: It is a world where you will see the real Fire, Thunder and so on. We use the latest calculation technique to create all the characters and bosses to offer you a real life here.

Multi-stage for Super Boss: We focus on the unique skill for each phase of each boss who also have colorful transformation when you fight to the certain period. Make full use of your hero to fight for what you want, come on everybody!

Build Guild to create legends: Guild can help you to train all your heroes and racing is very fun for finger tapping.

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Legacy of Heroes
Legacy of Heroes
Legacy of Heroes
Legacy of Heroes
Legacy of Heroes
Legacy of Heroes


1.) Skills costs 0 mana in battle
2.) Skills do x10 damage

OBB Needed? YES

You will need OBB trick to play this game. First you must install the Playstore Version(Link above) and complete tutorial. Make sure you SIGN IN to an account on the game. Rooted phones can use Google+ login. Nonrooted must use Facebook method or create an account using their server login(NOT GUEST ACCOUNT). Then go into your Internal Storage and look for the folder your OBB files go into. Usually it’s saved in /sdcard or Android folder. Open that and then “OBB”, you will see a folder called “com.ultrahands.bsrzw.google”. Save/copy that folder to somewhere else or rename it to something you will remember to change back later, for example ‘com.ultrahands.bsrzw.X’. Because some phones require you to uninstall the original game in order to replace it with a modded version(Different signatures cause conflicting package errors). Install the mod. Once you install the modded version of the game, you will then rename or place the folder back into it’s original directory(Mine is Internal Storage>Android>OBB). Everything should now be working.

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