Last Senkan with Lovely Girls TW v5.0 Mod Apk


Last Senkan with Lovely Girls TW

Last Senkan with Lovely Girls TW v5.0 Mod Apk

== Game description ==

2017 cross-dimensional care of the heart “Please order! Admiral SAMA “officially entered Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao it! Players in the game as the “Admiral”, to cultivate the fight with the “girl fleet”, across the “world battlefield”, diversified “to develop”, multi-line “strategy” deployment, with surmount “fetters” The endless “challenge” in the vast sea, the completion of the never-ending “vow”!


========== story background ==========

When the earth suffered “deep sea” this evil forces threatened, another mysterious power of justice ship Ji also was born. In order to regain the “home” of peace;
The battle of man and evil deep sea power, Beautiful girl, lovely and strong! Interwoven war with the ideal chapter, now has opened!

========== Game Features ==========

【Real warships and craftsmanship】
Hundreds of distinctive girls waiting for the commander of the commander SAMA! Whether you like the Royal sister or LORI, swimsuit or shirt, like battleships, cruisers or aircraft carriers, as long as the command of the Governor SAMA will be reached!

Stunning body painting, leaving your warships different, put it down.

[3D real-time naval battle, strategy evolutions as long as you order]
Game fighting with a unique 3D dual-angle show fighting, and by the famous artist to create character drawing, equipped with real strategy in the battle and 3D transfiguration system, absolutely give you an unprecedented sense of the sea battle.

【Drama love to keep you good guard me】
Drama to develop the system, so you inadvertently encounter, feel the sweet love. Every time the interaction with the girls will erase the spark of love, and ultimately with your favorite girl into the hall, please use flowers and vow to guard her ~

[3D swimsuit training only want you to accompany]
Super luxury open-air private swimming pool, so you enjoy the hundreds of young girls in the poolside leisure time, in the leisurely bath gradually enhance the fighting properties.

【Unique episode lineup effect blessing】
A variety of array of choice, pre-war array strong strategy. Battle of the constellation filling QTE, to operate glowing girl warships brilliant.

【Innovation RPG + SLG strategy play】
Breaking the traditional 2D card no brain combat mode, innovative combination of RPG + SLG strategy games are played, as well as cross-service PVP, World Championships, port plunder and other rich players against play.

[Original Q Meng expression]
Q Meng chatting expression, so you and strange she is no longer strange. Admiral SAMA you can not be so cute! Do not be too addictive.

[Luxury seiyuu lineup starred in]
Ichikawa Mimi, Okamura Mingmei and many other S-class Japanese sounding for the young girls portrait of tribute, together to feel behind the mysterious and restless power of it The

※ The software according to the Republic of China game software classification management method classified as auxiliary 12 level
※ long time to play the game, please note that the use of time, to avoid addicted to the game.
※ In order to allow you to better convey the game in the form of the game, the game online customer service function, will need your camera permissions.

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God Mode, Damage x2, Infinite Skill & Perfect Score


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