Labyrinth of Grand Marche v1.1.1 Mod Apk



Labyrinth of Grand Marche

Labyrinth of Grand Marche v1.1.1 Mod Apk

New work by Square Enix is cooking × RPG!
“Labyrinth of Grand Marche”

“Labyrinth of Grand Marche”
Culinary adventurers, along with culinary spirit Sorshe,
A new sense RPG to challenge the treasure house of enchanting ingredients “Grand Marche”!
Let ‘s guess the position of the enemy from the aura and capture the dungeon.

▼ Let’s carefully guess the panel without enemies!
Open the panel and the combo will accumulate. The more you combo, you get a lot of soul that temporarily strengthens the character when you defeat the enemy!
Guessing the enemy’s position and skillfully combing is the key to the attack!

▼ Defeat enemies with dungeons and get food!
In the dungeon there are lurking new life forms that are fascinating and delicious ingredients!
Let’s use the character’s unique skills to defeat new life forms and get ingredients!
Good ingredients are based on good cooking. Unknown dungeons may be asleep for unknown ingredients!

▼ Let’s cook at the restaurant using the ingredients you got!
Cooking adventurer ‘s power source is after all cuisine!
Let ‘s eat the dish you made and let the character grow.
Even the same dish will change the dish cooking by ingredients, spices, cookware, and cooks!
Even though you eat the same kind of nutrition, however, you can not grow. Let’s raise the level by ingesting three kinds of nutrition balancedly!
If you cook the prepared dish as share food and you can eat it by other players, you can get the gold in a thank you!
Let’s make food with high nutrients and eat more and more!

▼ Luxury rewards getting higher in ranking!
Let’s compete with the players in the group by the number of foods eaten and the number of ingredients acquired!
Depending on the result of the ranking you get a luxurious reward!

▼ Again Strengthened Character to Grand Marche!
After strengthening the character, we will search the unknown labyrinth again …
Seeking a “miracle dinner” where all the culinary adventurers dream of!

▼ compatible terminal
Devices equipped with Android 4.0 or more, 2 GB or more memoryグランマルシェの迷宮

1.Weaken the enemy


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