Kyoutou Nayuta v1.2.0 Mod Apk


Kyoutou Nayuta

Kyoutou Nayuta v1.2.0 Mod Apk Tower defense game where the young “Kamikaze Useless” runs around Kyoto on stage in modern Kyoto!

Kyoto, and to the battle to defend history.
Let’s experience the new evolution of PONOS flow tower defense, making full use of the know-how of 36 million downloads of “Nyanko Great War” throughout the world!

Now in release memorial luxurious item gifts!

The stage of the story is modern Kyoto.
Long thousand years ago, a huge group of demons who destroyed the world “Nusatomi Onigaya (Nuyuki Yuki)”.
“Nusatiki demon night” sealed by Ayumi Ayemi of the time, was about to resurrect to the present age.
In order to stop the resurrection of “Natori Demonic Night,” those who oppose the Yomusa “Kamisuten” will start gathering in Kyoto from all over the country.

Young people longing for Shinsengumi, Katsumi Endo (Endo Tomomi) will form a swordsmanship group “Shinshoku” that confronts young gods with same intentions and demons.
This story is a record of such battle of the Shinkansen. A story that keeps history, protects history.

▼ Easy, but a deep battle
Battle operation is easy tap battle only! But if you get into it, deep strategy emerges,
If you are growing strong, challenge even the perfect crunch battle!

▼ Organize your favorite characters freely
In accordance with the battlefield, all the characters of the rarity can be active!
Leverage strengthening and refining, let’s raise your favorite character !!
When you get lost, it is OK with a recommended organization button!

▼ Breathe in the cafe if you get tired of the battle
When I get tired, I take a breath at a cafe managed by Abe Seiimei.
Let idols who work at the cafe head toward Kyoto, collect items and EXP!

▼ Kyoto games appear in the game!
With the cooperation of Kyoto Prefecture MONOZUKURI Promotion Division, the scenes in Kyoto will appear one after another!
· The total main shrine of Inari shrine “Fushimi-Inari Taisha”
· World Heritage “Byodo-in Temple”
· Akechi Mitsuhide’s castle “Fukuchiyama castle”
As well as the famous spots in Kyoto, the story takes place in the streets of Kyoto all over the city!

▼ Modern Japanese Style Characters
Personality rich characters living in modern Kyoto will color the story !!
[Appearance voice actor]
Aya Susaki / Takeshi Kanishi / Nobuhiko Okamoto / Nobuhiko Okamoto / Natsuki Hanue / Naka Uchida / Mamiko Noto / Sayaka Ohara / Ayayo Sakura / Mariya Ise / Rina Rina / Other )

Recommended for ▼
· If you are interested in Kyoto, want to go
· Those who like Nyanko Great War and Tower Defense Games
· Those who like swords and Japanese history
· Those who like voice actors
· Those who want to play games with interactive elements

Anyone who wants to enjoy the story, or who wants to engage in games, can enjoy it for everyone of all ages and girls!
With smartphones in hand, to the journey to defend Kyoto!

Presented by PONOS京刀のナユタ

-Weak Enemy


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