Kiwoku Lost v121.190 (Mod Apk)


Kiwoku Lost

Kiwoku Lost v121.190 (Mod Apk) ++ Star 3 Kagura & 2500 crystals are being distributed! ++

I am the one who lost “memory”, am I …?
RPG of real battle appeared, set in the future Shibuya!

■ Story ■

The most important person in this world, and the main character Aki lost memory, live in ima during suffering.
Farewell and encounter with important friends, believers, betrayers.
What is the world that Aki chooses in the limits where everything is connected ….

In a distant future world, a story feels somewhat painless now.

■ Game Outline ■

· Sakaku exhilarating! Enjoy high speed real time battle!
· All characters are awakening stars 5! Skill can be worn with original combination!
· Shibuya system RPG set in the future Shibuya sent by authentic faction creators!
· GReeeeN leader HIDE, “Kiseki” game CV first participation war! !

■ Gorgeous voice actors develop a powerful drama ■

<Story appearance voice actor>
Kenji Ono / Megumi Mizushima / Norio Miyamura / Ban Keiko / Haruna Harua / Yumehiro Koumoto / Hiroki Kawamoto / Hiroki Etouto / Kazuhito Shuto / Yoshinobu Seya / Miyuhan

<Character Special Voice Act>
HIDE (GReeeeN) / powdered milk / Yamashita Ayumi / noa (whiteeeen 2)
and more …!

<Voice Produce>
Yu Mizushima

<Scenario production>
Yoshinobu Sena

<Music Produce>
JIN (High Speed ​​Boyz)

■ Game system ■

· Authentic battle system that you can enjoy with simple operation
Let’s enjoy a full battle with simple operation just to set skills before action!
People who are not good at games can enjoy crispy at semi – automatic! !
Up to 4 parties are organized for characters. Let’s raise your own party!

· High speed real time battle adopted
Battle system of Haradahadokidoki whose character’s behavior order changes in real time!
The timing of selecting and activating skills will determine the outcome of the battle!
Let’s decide the game with ‘resonance technique’ which occurs with combination of characters!

· Training of characters, infinite combinations
All characters can wake up to star 5, so you can keep using attaching characters for a long time!
Fit skill acquisition freely by wearing “disk”. The combination of original skill wearing is infinite!キヲクロスト

1.Weak Enemy


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