Jurassic Click v0.1.43 Mod Apk


Jurassic Click

Jurassic Click v0.1.43 Mod Apk Jurassic Click is an incremental mining game where you collect dinosaur bones to display in your own museum. Upgrade your pick to mine faster!

Improve your Museum with more bones. The more bones you have the more profitable your museum will become!

Your Museum will continue to earn money while you’re gone or idle. Use that cash to unlock new pick axes or buy employees to automate the digging.

Grow your museum from a single Dryosaurus leg bone to a live Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Mine Silver, Gold, and Amber to sell to increase your profit!

Key Features
• Idle Progress – Your museum will continue to makemoney while you’re gone
• Buy Employees, picks, and boosts!
• Museum continues to earn while you’re away, providing passive income
• Invest in improvements that can permanently increase click rate, revenue, or musuem fill time.
• Trade your animals at the trade post for gems which can be used to boost your progress
• All things unlockable without IAP or without watching ads
• A unique incremental / idle game experience
• Earn achievements

Jurassic Click (Unreleased)
Jurassic Click (Unreleased)
Jurassic Click (Unreleased)
Jurassic Click (Unreleased)
Jurassic Click (Unreleased)
Jurassic Click (Unreleased)

Mod Features:
IAP Crack – Used to buy an unlimited amount of Gems which can buy you unlimited Boosts & more.

Installation Instructions:
-Have Lucky Patcher installed
-Download & install the Cracked APK
-You can now make any InApp purchases for free. Open the game & get started.


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