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Jade Dragon - Kung Fu 3D

Jade Dragon – Kung Fu 3D v1.7.1 Mod Apk game licensed from Jin Yong’s genuine. The game was inspired by the classic novel adaptation of a masterpiece, Jade. A “Jade -Kung Fu 3D” was created by users. U3D graphics and image perfectly. Guaranteed by the development of the game “Kung Fu House- Off The Office” team. Is the ultimate martial arts RPG, 3D mobile. The most fun in 2017 The game, complete with cushions featuring Jade. Both these scenes, and Hero was created with elaborate whether Hero. Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Yang Guo, Xiaolongnü, the fifth generation of skilled, well, Ricky Gutierrez, gold lion. …… Hero etc. These will appear in the “Dragon -Kung Fu 3D” allows players to choose from. A Hero in for a bite of the players and to dabble in dungeons or in the tournament. PK battle is real-time. This will give you a fight in the Dragon!
Guo Jing Huang Rong, including five of the top craft a tactical maneuver! You have to create the myth of the fraternity “Jade -Kung Fu 3D” Genuine game of Jin Yong. Come join the fun and enjoy these along Hero today!
● Highlights of the game ※ complete with those classic Hero of fifty years. The game shows genuine ※
Mobile game “Dragon -Kung Fu 3D” is not genuine from Jin Yong. The adaptation of the classic novel masterpiece “Dragon,” a mobile game within the game as possible. Along with the full flavor of the stories of gratitude to resentment in the Jade Dragon!
※ The image most spectacular 3D games Surfing in virtual worlds ※ strategy game using light and shadow effect is stunning. Allow players to experience virtual battles in front of the player. The effects of spells and attacks by a powerful spirit. Will make you feel like a real fight. The effect of the battle was unrealistic. They are encouraged to join the fun and enjoy it to the Hero!
※ featuring classic Hero those with eyes to appear ※. The game takes the form Dungeon and Dragon featuring England. Featuring gradually proceed to theatrical release is coming out one by one to the rest of the players such as Huang Rong mobile staff hit the dog, Guo Jing bow, Yang Guo held Saber iron carbonyl, Siew. Jade eyed the steaming stream Saber, Saber duel Hero five head so that Santa can go in featuring Jade!
※ showdown Mr. PK battle hundreds. ※ With the eyes The real-time PK model. With the match at any time. The fight could not breathe Touch the Tournament Strategy fair. Know they know we won the battle, a hundred times, a hundred times too! Wanna Battle hundreds of eg 18 palm undefeated Dragons. Dog hit song staff Krabi single die, etc. It appeared to the eye again!
※ develop unique characters, these Hero World Tour battle ※. Hero Different Wanna have different strategies to break. It has all ascendancy aid and conflict as well. Or reinforce controls A variety of activities, you can experience the fun and enjoy all-day tournament variety. You have to scramble for a place. It is the one!

Customer service Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/KungFu3DTH.
If you experience playback problems, please report them to the game’s Facebook page! Thanks for coming here.

มังกรหยก-Kung Fu 3D
มังกรหยก-Kung Fu 3D
มังกรหยก-Kung Fu 3D
มังกรหยก-Kung Fu 3D
มังกรหยก-Kung Fu 3D
มังกรหยก-Kung Fu 3D

High Dmg
High Def

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