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Eidish seven – idolish7 v2.3.2 Mod Apk Auto Play  While singing, dancing, sighting into the eyes, the heart sounds high —.
A full voice rhythm game by gorgeous voice actors appears!

Growing up with members of IDOLiSH 7 to the top of the idol world —!

▼ What is Eidorish Seven?
7 people from IDOLiSH 7 and 3 rival team TRIGGER weave
Youth story depicting growth and ties!

There are still seven chicks as an idol,
Direct a rhythm game and direct your lead to your top with your hands.
Besides the main character, idol candidates rich in person are waiting for you!

▼ real rhythm game part ▼
Tap screen according to songs Even with easy operation,
Combo is a real authentic rhythm game feels good!

▼ Individual rich idol candidate ▼
Many charming idols who greeted the character original bill with Tanemura’s vegetables appeared!
IDOLiSH 7, TRIGGER and other idol candidates
Let’s manage with your hands!

▼ Full Voice Main Story ▼
In the main story IDOLiSH 7, TRIGGER, as well as,
Of course the full version of sub characters!
Depending on Professor Bunta Tokimi (Tsushimibu)
It is a must-see scenario where it sometimes goes awry, sometimes it makes you laugh.

▼ conversation with idols and chat ▼
You can chat with characters, named “Rabbit Chat” loaded!
One side of that person you do not know may be seen …! Is it?

▼ Cast ▼
Kenji Ono / Toshiki Masuda / Yusuke Shirai / Tsubasa Kenaga / KENN
Abe Atsushi / Eguchi Takuya / Hatano Wataru / Saito Mamma / Takuya Sato
Chiba Progress / Kozu Kazuyuki / Konishi Katsuyuki / Kawahara Yoshihisa etc ..



1. Fully automatic with P


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