Hyper Heroes v1.0.6.54978 Mod Apk


Hyper Heroes

 Hyper Heroes v1.0.6.54978 Mod Apk
Adjust team formations, Strike down evil monsters, unleash deadly spells, all easily controlled by one finger.
Tap, swipe and release!

★Chain up Combos
Utilize the powerful hero skills, cast upon your enemies rain of death, icy blizzard or the old-fashioned plus-sized fireballs!

★Hire Guild Mercs
Need a better healer, tank or spell caster? No need to always promote one of your own. Check out guild rosters. Someone may have the talents for hire!

★Co-op with Friends
Join your friends in multiplayer game modes, stand united against waves of enemies, work together in epic boss-fights!

★Plan Your Attack
Carefully select your target, aim for the tiny, but vastly rewarding weak spots, or link up with allies to trigger powerful combo skills!

★Select Your Heroes
Try out different setups in face of ever-changing challenges.
Build up your adventuring party from a variety of characteristic heroes, each with unique stats and skills that greatly affect the way you play.
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Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes

1. Massive damage
2. enemy has low damage


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