Hunting Dragon v1.0.1 Mod Apk



Hunting dragon

Hunting Dragon v1.0.1 Mod Apk Hunting novice to become a savior of the Kingdom of open-class hunter and adventure travel, but after a series of events to find the legend of the dragon for the purpose, as the flames gradually clear message, waiting in front of the fate of the protagonist has become more difficult to see through.

The game uses the new Caozuojitong COLOPL exclusive development, players can be completed with a single finger attack, evade, moving and magic skills and other activities.

[Game Features]
Exclusive development of new Caozuoxitong
Just one-finger control, you can easily play!

One thousand kinds of exquisite Japanese style appearance
One thousand kinds of weapons and armor, build self characteristic appearance!

People were fighting crusade Instant Boss
Through real-time recruit, people work together to crusade against the huge BOSS!

Equipped with a variety of esoteric combination
Hundreds of esoteric mix of skills, based on different combinations of equipment free!

Gorgeous special effects skills to a variety of weapons handover
Immediate switch weapons, adventure crusade shock shock!




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