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Hungry hero

Hungry hero v1.0.9 Mod Apk “Brave bowman” is a super-up to save trouble hang-up tour, as long as hang up you can get a lot of gold, diamonds and other resources, super for no time to play the game you. This includes the competitive battle, debris melting, rebirth of the system, nurturing and development, meal production, brave fetters and other characteristics of the system waiting for you to experience,

2017 must-miss mobile games — “brave collar lunch”!



Zero Pressure Hook Game
24H Automatic agricultural resources, classless game player gospel, on the line can be promoted to enhance your brave.

“Fighting, animal husbandry and law join forces to fight”
Classic five team reproduction! Own brave clan themselves, can be their own team or automatic configuration, play simple and diverse!

Hundreds of brave characters
Hundreds of brave people to choose from, all kinds of gods, bully, warriors, spirit, super ability, animation characters.

“Upgrade a property to mention
A total of five elements of the house and the three appearance changes, upgrade the house brave will be bonus attributes, to help you build the most powerful team!

“Cheong cool operation experience”
Drop a lot of elements in the fight bubble ball, collecting can accumulate energy amplification must, give you cool cool monster feel, a dozen can not stop!

“The ultimate picture experience”
High-quality visual effects, smooth game action, gorgeous skills cast, give you a better gaming experience!

※ “Brave lunch” according to the game software grading management approach, classified as protection level.
※ The game provides free download and play, but part of the game and services are subject to additional fees.
※ In order to protect your gaming rights, please do not believe, use other people’s behalf on behalf of the storage, so as not to touch the law.
※ Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.


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1.the enemy does not attack


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