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HotSteps v1.8 Mod Apk HOTSTEPS is the first MOBILE GAME TO PLAY IN VIETNAM!
With many unique features: shimmering images, the LATEST and HOT songs are updated monthly. This is the only PK game in Vietnam. In addition, Hotsteps is the best and most sophisticated MARRIAGE jumping system available today, allowing for marriage.
✽Hotsteps – Confidence is the leading fashion game in Vietnam
– The ultimate in real-life dance dancers, with 3 unique dance modes: Au, Beat and Ball Flip.
– Game breakthrough is thinking of designing traditional dance games, plus the advantages of casual music and RPG games.
– Anime, Vocaloid fashion with Miku and Icon Chat in Miku.
– Coming to Hotsteps, players experience not only passionate dance moves, listened to and show off the songs that are making their way onto the music charts, but they can also be connected through the features. GPS navigation, high character expressiveness (such as blinking, squeezing the lips to music).
✽Catching Stories: When you play the game you will enter the journey to the land of Dreamland.
Dreamland has nine Musik goddesses that symbolize ancient art.
• The Wutai live near the goddess worship Musik, they have precious designs, good dance, more wings and art than people. But the nine goddess Musik rejoiced human beings, giving them the wisdom, creativity, and the ability to change art. Since then, humanity has developed in the direction of Vu Dao – Music – Fashion.
• An incitement to the war, enchantment of human reason, change of faith. Musik calls upon the Universe and the human race to co-develop peace with Dreamland. But the Voodoo covertly sets up the Secret Society to sneak attacks on creativity, science and human jumping.
• The Humanities created the Sky Institute against the secret society under Alexander. Secret Society of Lucifer and Willy pretend to be Spirit through Glass Shoes to blend into the main character, learning human skills to sabotage from within.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Hotsteps – Au Game Auctions on mobile!
✽You want to date – Hotsteps
Through the Gift System, the Dancer can give his or her favorite wishes are extremely cute and lovely, these wishes the server is all over again.
✽ HOTSTEPS – Where the power of love
Official Fanpage:
Hotline: 1900 6837
HotSteps - Game Nhảy, Thời Trang & Âm Nhạc
HotSteps - Game Nhảy, Thời Trang & Âm Nhạc
HotSteps - Game Nhảy, Thời Trang & Âm Nhạc
HotSteps - Game Nhảy, Thời Trang & Âm Nhạc
HotSteps - Game Nhảy, Thời Trang & Âm Nhạc
HotSteps - Game Nhảy, Thời Trang & Âm Nhạc

– Auto Perfect
– Auto Dance

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