Hooky Crook v1.0.142 (Mod Apk)


Hooky Crook

Hooky Crook v1.0.142 (Mod Apk) Are you ready to become a master cat burglar—literally? In this thrilling one-touch action game, you’ll sneak, swing, dodge, bounce, and soar through mesmerizing levels filled with diabolical traps and gravity-defying physics on your way to the purrrfect heist. Don’t get catnapping—you’ll need to think quick if you’re going to swipe the gem without getting busted.

Delve deeper into the claw-some experience to earn new cats, collect bonuses, and try to three-star every level! Score big and you’ll be feline good about your place in the leaderboards!

Developed by BonusXP, makers of award-winning mobile games.

• Free to play
• Simple, tap-and-release controls
• 84 unique levels, with more in each update
• Endless replay to obtain the highest score in each level
• No Wi-Fi required—play anywhere!
• Compete with your friends to dominate the leaderboards

Check out more games by Rogue: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=9104457198089339529&hl=en_US
Hooky Crook
Hooky Crook
Hooky Crook
Hooky Crook
Hooky Crook
Hooky Crook

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