Holy Knight TH – Global PK v1.1.600 Mod Apk


Holy Knight TH - Global PK

Holy Knight TH – Global PK v1.1.600 Mod Apk
“Holy Knight” 3D Side-Scrolling ARPG on your mobile phone to enjoy 3D Anime, gorgeous graphics and cross-country fighting with SEA Surf to get fun today!
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When the land of holy knights was invaded by ancient evil dragons. The war that everyone unexpectedly came to life. The world is in chaos until the end. King Arthur, the ruler of the holy city, has mobilized the brave knights to fight the evil dragon. But the dragon is worse than expected. Knights knuckle to the evil. The world is in real jollity. But the new knights. Blessed by the goddess Have the power to be able to fight the devil. These new knights can help King Arthur. To deal with these evil demons? Protect the holy land with the Holy Knight today!

※※ Game Details ※※
Holy Knight 3D Side-Scrolling ARPG You have to adventure in the world of ancient knights. Collaborate with Knight and King Arthur against evil demons. To protect the land of the human race. The graphics are gorgeous. Combined with the game genre. Side-Scrolling ARPG with scenes from the anime and the world of knights. It gives you the feeling of playing a game that has never been found before. Many systems. The skill is available for you to choose unlimited. Do not let your monster get tired of the same old version with 100% Thai version and add to the fun with cross country and SEA Surprise with the fun that you should not miss Holy Knight- Holy Knight Legends
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※※ Featured in the game ※※
▶ World Server Struggle
Measure strength on the continent Fight for the one you should not miss World Server to let the world know. Thai children are not lost in the world today.
▶ No problem, can not read Meet the translation system.
No problem to talk anymore. Meet automatic translation system. You can change the language freely.
▶ 3D Anime Graphic
Character scenes that combine 3D and Anime together. With smooth flow control. You can experience endless fun.
▶ Real time action fighting
Battle in the Arena Safe mode PK Real Time and other modes. You do not have to stop.
▶ BOSS counter to the Boss.
New Boss mode to counter you to the Boss today. Do not miss this one.
▶ Great with many social systems. You do not feel bored anymore.
Guild System and Guild Wars Boss Friend System Card exchange Free Forex Trading System And more You can experience the ultimate in social systems.
▶ Pet Companion Ready to be your partner?
I do not have a partner but I have only one. It also adds a lot of stats. Ready to move along with you.
▶ The Wing of the Dragons The cool come to you.
To fight the dragon. King Arthur delivered the wings of the dragon to the brave. Legend has it that the wings have the power of dragons. Ready to help you open the way to victory.
▶ Auto mode does not need to stroke anymore.
Are you tired of the Auto Bump System?

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Holy Knight TH - Global PK
Holy Knight TH - Global PK
Holy Knight TH - Global PK
Holy Knight TH - Global PK
Holy Knight TH - Global PK

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