Hidden for Kakao v1.0.9 Mod Apk


hidden for Kakao

Hidden for Kakao v1.0.9 Mod Apk
Enjoy the real battle now! Where? Hidden in for Kakao!

About hidden for Kakao
Jump over the limitations of the mobile RPG that alone!
Feel the pleasure of the original RPG and enjoy cooperate and compete with others in hidden for Kakao!
You can enjoy easy and fast automatic battle with anyone easily hidden for Kakao!
It is too much to enjoy! Enjoy correctly on hidden for Kakao!

Hidden features only for Kakao
The other scale PVP system
– Ranking by winning in criminal 1vs1 arena Are you magnify the name!
– Actively occupied by the former manor and you become the best of the Knights hidden for Kakao!

Real-time party play
– Rock out with the recruiting party in real time!
– Attack the dungeon Equipment, Blood Fort, World BOSS with the party!

Pet me together
– Please battle was collected with a variety of pets growing!
– Try to compete with others their pet pet!

Hidden growth system for Kakao
– There are various ways to grow your character.
– Can you really much stronger?

Hidden content for Kakao
– The variety of content in addition to those described above and hiding in a hidden for Kakao!

■ Hidden permission for Kakao guide

– In-app purchases
To use its authority to purchase in-game items.
Device & app history
Use the minimum amount of information to analyze the operation of the game and in-game activities.

Use the account information from your device to log in to the operation of the game.
Do not collect information other than minimum information for gaming operations.

– Photos / Media / Files
Save your game resources, the game uses a pop-up notification within Naver Cafe and plug-ins.
Read your important information or not collected.

-Wi-FI connection information
WIFI connection, check the information in order to facilitate communication with the game server.

– Device ID & call information
Use the minimum amount of information to transmit the message to the game instructions push the device.

Official hidden for Kakao Cafe

Contact Us 1899-3969

Event information of the proceeding and hidden for Kakao can be identified by the hidden formula for Kakao café.

히든 for Kakao
히든 for Kakao
히든 for Kakao
히든 for Kakao
히든 for Kakao
히든 for Kakao

1. God Mode
2. One Hit
3. Unlimited Mana
4. No Skill CD


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