Hexmon War v1.1.6 Mod Apk


Hexmon War

Hexmon War v1.1.6 Mod Apk Welcome to the world of Hexmon War!

Hexmon War is a fun, Strategy RPG where you can catch, collect, evolve and battle with monsters called Hexmons.

This is a story about a distant world…

In a land where Science and Magic co-exist, humans learned to harness the power of evolving card monsters called Hexmons.

Those with great ambition seek to control legendary monsters called Hexmons, and gain the world’s most honorable title of “Grandmaster”.

Now it’s time to begin your journey to catch, collect, evolve and become the strongest Grandmaster.

• Catch and Collect
Catch and Collect unique Hexmons to build your powerful team. Explore piece dungeons to create 5-Star Hexmons.

• Create your own Strategy
Devise over a hundred strategies with various skill effects to win difficult battles and quests.

• Raid with Friends
Raid bosses appear and the town of Adela will be consumed by darkness. Work together with friends to defeat the raid boss monster before the village is burned to the ground.

• Be the Greatest Grandmaster
Battle your way to be the world’s greatest Grandmaster by creating your own powerful team. Beat other masters and their Hexmon collections by winning and challenging people in Normal Battle, Real-Time Battle, Friendly Battle and Duel Counts.

• Recruit or be Enlisted
Create or Join a Guild Community! Expand your line-up of friends, exchange strategies and battle with other Guilds. Prove that your community is the greatest guild in Hexmon War.

Complete exciting quests, fight against strong monsters and expand your Hexmon collections. Plot a winning strategy based on the unique skills of your master. Rescue peaceful villages from huge bosses together with your friends through Co-op gameplay. Fight against other masters and become the greatest Grandmaster in Hexmon War!

Hexmon War
Hexmon War
Hexmon War
Hexmon War
Hexmon War
Hexmon War

1.) unlimited hexmon storage
2.) unlimited team cost
3.) 60% chance of god mode and dmg accuracy
4.) 10x dmg, 10x def


Hexmon War v1.1.6 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Hexmon War v1.1.6 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK


Hexmon War v1.1.6 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Hexmon War v1.1.6 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK