Heroes Frontier v10.70.60 Mod Apk


Heroes Frontier

Heroes Frontier v10.70.60 Mod Apk Manage your heroic characters and lead them into fighting adventures in the mysterious world of Aeon. It’s all about collecting Heroes and managing their skills, elements, levels, equipments, stats to survive more than 300 unique battle stages over 8 game modes.

Fate has thrust Aeon into an age of chaos; the rise of darkness. But the Goddess shined upon you to lead your armies into the enemy’s territory for victory. Now, you must form a strong team out of hundreds of heroes and combinations to face demons, monsters and other unspeakable terrors from the dark side.

Join thousands of player heroes on this exciting fantasy journey. Become the best and prove your worth by participating in 5v5 battles in the Arena. Strengthen your heroes by equipping them with weapons, armors and accessories! Those items will get random status improvements when you upgrade them!

In-Game Feature

– Control
Control your game character by simply choose and switch to Manual, Auto Play (auto move) & Auto Skill (full auto play).

– Scenario Mode
Finish each stage with(total of 288 stages that you can play in the scenario mode.
– Tower of Calamities
Complete 25 challenges from each tower. There are 4 towers that awaits you on Battle of Heroes Tower of Calamities. Claim exclusive reward from each challenge that you have completed.
– Daily Boss
Get your heroes ready to battle and defeat the daily bosses!
– Defense mode
Defend the crystal from the enemy! Enemies will continuously attack the crystal in wave.

– Arena
Prove your worth and become the stronger! Own the arena by securing the top position on 1vs1 PvP Battle. Earn the respected title by becoming the mighty one!
– Crusade
Explore 15 islands on the crusade mode and beat each player that guard the islands. Claim you reward after conquering the island.
– Mining
Send your strongest hero and set up your formation to earn Gems and Golds in mining mode. The longer you do the mining, the more Gold and Gems that you can claim! Guard your mine from enemies who wants to try stealing your resources.

Unique Feature
– Guild Boss
Create and build your own guild and defeat the guild boss together with your guild member. An exciting rewards awaits you for each guild boss that you have defeated. Rank up your guild level to increase the number of recruitment for your guild member. Put your best heroes in the barrack with your desired price in order to get extra Guild Coins.
VIP Features will grow slowly based on the total time that you spend to play the game, or simply increase it slightly by top-up into the game.
– Hero
Grab and develop 1 new hero that released every week after game update or maintenance!
Increase the level of your hero to maximum level 30 by doing adventure, increase the power of your hero by enhance your hero to +7, and increase the star of your hero to max 6 stars. Improve your battle points!
– Item.
Increase the power / battle point of your team by adding item to your Hero, Item can be enhance to get higher level and random status.
– Hero Skill
Sharpen your Hero’s ability by increasing the active and passive skills to maximum level to help you complete each adventure easily.

Heroes Frontier stands out from other mobile Action RPGs as it challenges your playing skills by offering a unique variety and depth of Hero and Battle parameters.

Heroes Frontier
Heroes Frontier
Heroes Frontier
Heroes Frontier
Heroes Frontier
Heroes Frontier

Attack Multiply (Multiply your attack by any amount between 1 and 1000)
God Mode
No Skill Cooldown*
Always Critical Hit
Max Movement Speed
Max Attack Speed
Max Attack Range
No Summon Fade
*Only for Player Skill, Summon Skills will bug so use it along with No Summon Fade.


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