Hero Today v1.0.1.9055 Mod Apk


Hero Today

Hero Today v1.0.1.9055 Mod Apk ★ heroes today are busy ★
Save the kidnapped princess, to purify the contaminated area,
The beak wet potential riots monsters, to seal devil, etc …
Deutdo even look anywhere else jwachungwoodol adventures of the hero who based Full 3D!
Pick UP! Attractive UP! Appeal appealing RPG! Today, the hero ~

▶ Game Highlights
[hero of today’s glamor appeal]
Armed with 3D Hero to show off the charm
130 heroes are waiting for a friend to join ~

[hero of today is to turn the dungeon]
If a hero is not to neglect the training basics!
96 stages and blessing Temple, magical halls of the Four Seasons, etc …
Please continue growing in various training destination –

[hero of today gunggeukgi polishing]
To improve the attractiveness hero today gunggeukgi polishing and polishing of yet!
He looked cute and charming with a strong Oriental Hero Please also plenty of love ~

[today of the hero is manifested]
I can only just awakening higher level?
Even though there is low level of awareness whenever possible!
Awakening is more cuddly appearance, which is a bonus when you ~

[hero of today’s World prospective boss crying]
The huge golem received four weeks of the Devil showed up!
Villains are also not they look tired. Another day it is ohdani …
Today mobilization for peace in the Faroe Kingdom –

Dissipation of the hottest attraction jwachungwoodol hero!
2017 Best attraction appeal RPG mobile game! Today, the hero ~

[Restrictions instructions;
* Contact (GET_ACCOUNTS)
: The rights to the linked Google account information.
: The need for such users video recording and transmission.
※ I do not accept the access available services.

[Restrictions to withdraw the law;
– OS 6.0 or later: Settings> Application Manager> You can select apps> Rights> Restrictions withdrawn.
– less than 6.0, the operating system: the restrictions and withdrawal is not possible, you can withdraw to delete the app.


Finish 1st wave and you win ( this game has fixed instant win so that all I can do right now , hope they won’t fixed anymore )

*How to install*
Maybe you need to install original app and play some tutorial mission then
Install my mod and let it download data then enjoy


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