Heaven Heroes v1.5.2 Mod Apk


Heaven Heroes

Heaven Heroes v1.5.2 Mod Apk is a game where players can experience the legendary hero of the human race, gods and demons, so many prayers, such as King Arthur and the Knights lover of Lancelot’s Asamiya god Apollo Loki and many more. Players will take on the role. The savior of the world from the dark, overwhelming. With a story to follow

The game has featured many The system is ready to cut interest like.
– The meat of the matter
– The star character development
– Find the Hero
– PVP system in Realtime
– PVP System Team 3 VS 3.
– PVP systems across servers
– The many adventures
– The Guild and Guild Wars.
– 12 palaces
– other systems that help to play more.

And that’s really special The game will be the hero of Thailand. Gradually update allows players to find the extension.

Heaven Heroes
Heaven Heroes
Heaven Heroes
Heaven Heroes
Heaven Heroes
Heaven Heroes

1.) god mode
2.) up to 10x dmg
3.) up to 10x def
4.) no CD
5.) unlimited mana
6.) weak enemies

TeamAR proudly presents you a decent Thai game with nice English used in most places inside.

1.) disable mods if you want to play PvP, specially god mode (or install bypass when you want to play arena) – I purposely apply the mods to your enemies too as a way to prevent abuse there
2.) no CD + unlimited mana a bit oddly implemented in this game and therefore might not work as expected
3.) click on DOT AR on green floating android icon, you can enable/disable whatever options you like. This icon will automatically show up when you get into a fight.
4.) there are 6 options in the toggle, weak enemies toggle unfortunately needs scrolling down – this option need not changing hence you can ignore safely there (use mouse to drag scroll on right down, then you’ll see it)

Install Steps:
1.) install game, let it download data, play

How to make a bypass:
1.) download apkpure or PS version
2.) install zipsigner from PS
3.) sign the downloaded apk — this is your bypass
4.) sign my mod — this will allow you to install my mod on top of your bypass if needed
5.) install the bypass if you wish to play ‘normal’, install my mod (without uninstalling bypass) if you need to play with mods


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