Harbingers – Infinity War v1.7.61 (Mod Apk)



Harbingers - Infinity War

Harbingers – Infinity War v1.7.61 (Mod Apk) In Harbingers: Infinity War, you will play as a Commander who can summon dead historical celebrities and line up with other Commanders to destroy zombie groups and save the world which has been on the brink of collapse!


⭐Impressive Characters with Special Power
Original characters (the Harbingers) with anime-style design, have different historical backgrounds and special personalities. With fine 3D models, Harbingers can perform ultra skills with stunning effects.

⭐Multiple Ways to Improve Your Harbingers
The Gear system, Favorability evolution system, Astrolabe system… all of these provide multiple ways to strengthen your heroes and make each one of them unique.

⭐Exclusive Weapons & Random Gear Attributes
Each Gear has at most four random attributes and Gears at a low level can be enhanced into a higher level. Moreover, there are Exclusive Weapons that can activate unique skill and superpower for each Harbinger, so go explore everywhere in the game, do not miss the chance to get them.

⭐Challenge Strong Zombie Monsters in A Duo
When two players fight together in the Dark Hunting field, you’d better think twice about the lineup strategy. Good teamwork always makes things easier!

Come and join us! Let Cleopatra fight for you, let Mozart be your teammate, let Solomon save the world with you!

?Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/DC7PX8m

?Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HarbingersGlobal

*The minimum Android version required is v5.0, but it is still possible that the game will not work or work properly on some devices that meet the requirement.
*In order to install the game successfully and run it smoothly, we recommended you to leave at least 2G unused memory(ROM) on your device to install it.
*The game is free to play but there are also some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your gaming progress.
*The game is still under development, so some unstable situations may occur and we may do update and maintenance a little more frequently recently. All updates and optimization are for better game experience, so your understanding and patience will be appreciated. 
Harbingers - Infinity War
Harbingers - Infinity War
Harbingers - Infinity War
Harbingers - Infinity War
Harbingers - Infinity War
Harbingers - Infinity War


1- Damage ( x1 – x10 ) ( Use the Music slider )
2- Defense ( x1 – x10 ) ( Use the Sound Effect Slider )

– To Activate the mod go to your account profile > go to settings > Voice >Music is for Damage and sound effect is for Defense
– Make sure to click Save Changes after you adjust your damage / defense
– Press the back button on your device to show the mod info ( this will only show what’s your current adjustment for the mod )
– If for some reason the game had some bugs for small patches by devs please let me know
– Use wisely to avoid any ban risks


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