Guardians of Light v1.0.1 Mod Apk


Guardians of Light

Guardians of Light v1.0.1 Mod Apk Hack and slash combat not for the faint of heart – Real heroes with real skills required.

Guardians of the light, it is time to gather once more for the salvation of mankind and bring back the fated crystal. Choose your class, accept your quest, venture into the fantasy world and face the darkness by spreading your wings in a fury of light. Be wary of the darkness as it will not yield so easily. You will need to pack reactive combat abilities, time your attacks, read your enemies, dodge hits and land your critical special skills to stand a chance. But be afraid not, for the path of justice is never a lonely one, alongside you will be friendly comrades and valkyries as your story of fantasy unveils.

Join thousands of guardians worldwide, step into the light and accept your quest. Your story begins today.

Beware: Actual Skills Required
If you think this is another screen bashing or “auto-mode” only game, this quest is too much for you. As Guardians defending the fantasy world, you will need actual skills. You will need to attack at the right time and string together abilities to defeat the enemies. Each enemy will have their own attack patterns and special moves too, so don’t let down your guard. Be up for the challenge or be gone.

6 Different Classes, 6 Different Types of Fun
Choose from 6 classes of heroes including Warrior, Paladin, Assassin, Hunter, Priest and Mage. All with different fantasy play styles, difficulty, advantages, range, and special abilities. Find the right class for you or master them all in your quest towards light!

Be Your Own Hero
Customise your hero with different equipment, abilities and skills to suit your play style and make it your own story and fantasy. Different armour and wings to make you stand out from the crowd. Embark on the quest of a lifetime with a miniature hero version of yourself right on your phone!

Serious Combat. Not So Serious Story.
The combat gameplay packs serious action and challenges, but the quirky lineup of characters and fantastically engaging story will charm you instantly as you find yourself chuckling and gasping at every revelation in your quest.

Co-op Action – Join Forces With Others
Heroes need friends too and some enemies are just too tough to handle alone (or it is just more fun to send them to oblivion with the company of other heroes). Co-op dungeons allow you to battle with friends and other guardians in real-time for rare rewards and resources!

PVP – Fight For Honour
Justice always prevails, but what if you were up against justice itself? Put your skills to the test and fight for honour (and prizes) in real-time player versus player game modes!

Guardians of Light
Guardians of Light
Guardians of Light
Guardians of Light
Guardians of Light
Guardians of Light

1.) win in less than 5 seconds or your money back guaranteed !!*

1.) make sure auto is ON, or else you have to fight on your own
2.) make sure you pass tutorial first before installing mod, or take your risk with corrupted tutorial steps (you can try to disable mods (turn everything off in menu, slide everything to the most left) and see if you have better luck, otherwise install PS version to pass tutorial – your success rate varies
3.) game (+ the mods) make you lag like silly – that’s because the game is very rough on the edges and the mods happen to be in the grey areas of their edges
4.) warning: this mod make your gameplay boring as hell, I didn’t have much time to check the game out properly.
5.) ignore the hack menu options, they were labelled somewhat incorrectly. you need ALL of them enabled (max to the right) to see the magic of the mods. Don’t come back saying X not working, Y not working, I’m fully aware of them not working. The hack menu options work “together” to achieve “win in 5 seconds or your money back guaranteed !!!”


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