Grow Phone v1.2.23 Mod Apk Money


Grow Phone

Grow Phone v1.2.23 Mod Apk Money
It’s a new concept game and growing the phone by your touch.

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(until Feb 19th/new players only)

■ Feature
– It’s possible to create your phone.
– It’s a new type game and not normal.
– Just by playing touch, you can stress relief.
– It’s possible to see the evolution of your phone.
– Try to play a battery acceleration and booster skill
– Easy to play and various modules

■ Information for enjoy playing
– Signal starts up from a battery.
– When the signal arrives to CPU, RAM, each module, the module is charged.
– When module gauge is full, it’s possible to get the gold
– It’s possible to get more gold by the module upgrade.
– It’s possible to send more signal to module by the battery upgrade.
– By the technical point (TP), it’s possible to upgrade the board.
– If upgrade the board, it’s possible to add new modules.
– Signal speed up by holding touch
– It’s possible to charge the battery fast by battery touch when the battery is out of battery.
– Press the bonus button that appears momentarily in the game. By the bonus button, buff is activated. Also, buff, it’s able to be accrued (Combo).

■ Caption
– If your phone is changed or uninstall the game, the data is deleted. You had batter push the save button.

■ Request Permission
– About the access permission Info.
Request access to permission follow

• Modify or delete SD card contents
• read the contents of your SD card
• read phone status and identity
• directly call phone numbers
• read your contacts
• find accounts on the device

■ CS
– If you have install or playing problems, please contact to E-mail.
( We’re going to reply it ASAP.

■ Login error solution
1. Run ‘Play Games’ App
2. Go to ‘setting’ menu
3. Check on to ‘Sign in to games automatically’

■ Brand page :

Grow Phone
Grow Phone
Grow Phone
Grow Phone
Grow Phone
Grow Phone


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