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Granvilier v1.0.0 Mod Apk Distant strange land Guran’viria ◆
★ royal road smartphone RPG to expand the foreign lands on the stage ★
One day, the hero who was to hand a book that can summon a “hero”. From there, his fate is largely changed. Far foreign lands skipped in the land of, suddenly over over but his territory become “lords” of the frontier has already been taken by the monster …

Players become a hero, in order to regain the stolen territory, while opening the heroes of old, you will be cast himself in the battle of the world.

★ real-time tap battle of powerful! ★
Exhilarating system the user’s actions to influence the result of the battle, and the strategy of the fight to place the characters in the middle front row and column, back row
Such as the skill trigger to match the timing, aim the victory to take advantage of the role, such as recovery and auxiliary!

★ commitment growth element ★
Character of evolution and of equipment drilling, try to put the mainstay of the favorite characters in the detailed growth factors, such as strengthening of skills!

★ character voice by gorgeous actors ★
Quirky Characters decorate the story!
Let Susumeyo the game while enjoying the scenario!

Voice cast (titles omitted)
Naomi Ozora / Shiori Mikami / Kyoko Narumi / Masumi / Toru Inada / … and many others Asano!

[Please Note]
• This app, Android4.4.0 more will be acted upon.
※ such as problems caused by the operation guarantee out of the terminal is not supported.

遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア
遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア
遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア
遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア
遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア
遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア

God Mode
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