Grand Summoners v3.1.1 Mod Apk


Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners v3.1.1 Mod Apk super authentic royal road RPG “Grand Summoner’s” birth! ◆

[Introduction of the story]
This is the story over over the storage and bonds

Once the land that God group and Asmodian has fought for supremacy, Rakutoherumu.
Hundreds of years from ancient War past, people had enjoyed a peaceful era.
However, day-to-day peaceful tells the end suddenly.

Along with the revival of the Asmodian, which has been over over sealed.

[Characters decorate the story]
Try starting to summon the heroes of old adventure!
Michibike to the peace of the world in the strongest team of your own!

[Exhilarating auto Battle]
Ultra new sense operation × flashy action!
Good command of the skills and equipment in easy operation of tap-and-drag!

[Up to four simultaneous Multiplayer]
Bonds is to heat up the battle!
Stand up to the mighty boss along with the whole country of adventurers!

[Graphics commitment pulled]
Unit, boss, background … all is overwhelming Quality!
Of the highest peak, which give with confidence to the RPG fan graphics!




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