Grand Chase For Kakao v1.6.6 Mod Apk


Grand Chase For Kakao

Grand Chase For Kakao v1.6.6 Mod Apk The end of waiting! Adventures beyond dimension!
Now in Grand Chase
Grand Hot Summer Festival is in progress!
New fun and lots of rewards!

■ Grand Chase Hero’s Community

(Cindy and Grandiel are waiting for you ~ ♥)

■ Introduction to the game

1. Hero! We wanted to see a lot !?

– A story connecting the world view of the original Grand Chase
With the charming Grand Chase characters
Go beyond the bounds of adventure!

2. New action on mobile!

– Dynamic action pleasure that sweeps all!
– Play with no boredom using 10 kinds of party skills
– It is not difficult ~ Simple but delicate control is possible!

3. Excited! A battle in the hands of sweat!

– 5 classes of heroes to suit various combat content
Your own strategically tailored deck!
– Construct a raid / defense of Daejeon
Hidden / vampic features a thrilling victory!

4. We’ll be together again!

– Various guild contents that increase the unity of guild members
– 30vs30, up to 60 people participating in the guild!

[Guide on access to smartphone application]
When you use the app, you are requesting access to provide the following services.

* Essential Access Rights *
Pictures, media, files: To store game data in a repository
Reading and recording external storage: Needed for customer center, use of images in the community, and various settings and cache storage of games.
Phone State Read, Address Book: Analyze ad tracking and generate toe for push receiving

[Withdrawal of smartphone application access right]

* Android 6.0 or later *
After you grant access, you can reset or revoke access as follows:

1. How to withdraw by access right: Device Settings> App> More (Settings and Control)> App Settings> App Permission> Select this access right> Access right approve or withdraw
2. How to withdraw by app: Device Settings> Apps> Select this app> Select Permission> Select whether to approve or cancel access

* Under Android 6.0 *
Due to the nature of the operating system, access rights can not be revoked.
We recommend upgrading your Android version.
Developer contact:
(13529) 14th floor, Alfa Dome Tower, 152, Pangyong Station, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do
+8216610950그랜드체이스 for kakao
그랜드체이스 for kakao
그랜드체이스 for kakao
그랜드체이스 for kakao
그랜드체이스 for kakao
그랜드체이스 for kakao

x10 Attack
x10 Defense


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