Granadia Saga v1.0.4 Mod Apk


Granadia Saga

Granadia Saga v1.0.4 Mod Apk “Gurasaga” appeared to play with smartphone!
The main character design “Shinnosuke Hino” teacher.
World building, “real Takumi Yajima” teacher is responsible for the main scenario.
The civil war of Iridisu empire fought grow troops, will unravel the truth of the civil war!

■ full-scale simulation battle friends and foes are be jumbled together
In the city, the castle, the battle part that occurs in every field, such as forests. Swordsman, rider, will Kachinuko a tough fight to make the troops of your own from a variety of classes, such as magicians.

■ adventure part to be delivered in full voice
The main story is delivered in full-length full voice chase the civil war of the empire. Profound story on the theme of war further rise!

■ camp selection. You choose either?
Prince and Princess with the opposite idea.
Select one of the camp will be fight this war.
The character to be a friend in one of the root
Also it will fight as an enemy on the other one of the root …

■ multi-mode, which compete with national players
In a multi-mode up to a few tens of people be jumbled together
Possible multiplayer match-up! If Uchitaose the enemy forces in cooperation with fellow chat
Luxurious reward can be won!

The main character design: Shinnosuke Hino
View of the world, the main scenario: real Takumi Yajima

■ cast
Evan: Ishitani HaruTakashi
Myrtle: Katsuyuki Konishi
Alicia: Marina Inoue
Kifa: Junichi Suwabe
Leonid: Wataru Hatano
Rosetta: Tokui blue sky
Orukisu: Atsushi Abe
Coquelicot: Kana Ueda
Bell: Rena Kondo

■ official site (in the pre-story comics also published!)
■ official Twitter:

■ compatible models
Android4.4 or more RAM2G or more (there is also some non-compatible terminal)


ATTACK Multiplier
DEFENSE Multiplier
Full Map Movement
Max SP
Max MP
Max AP


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