GODLIKE v0.43 Mod Apk Money



GODLIKE v0.43 Mod Apk Money will allow you to immerse yourself in a unique fantasy world and take part in a deadly battle with a terrible boss. Do you like fast action games with monsters and demons? Do you like to incinerate opponents with magic and hack them with a sword? Do you want to fight a long fight with the boss in order to win? So you found what you were looking for.

In this game of Action / Fighting / RPG genre you will take on the role of a warrior who has been in incredible adventures and overcame a mob of enemies. However, now you have to face something more dangerous and ominous than a simple battle with medieval knights and bandits.

Your hero descended into an eerie dungeon, where he discovered a hidden secret. An awful horned demon hid in the ancient hall, which was building a plan to destroy the world. Many ages ago brave wars already challenged this monster and together defeated it in an epic battle, but the ancient evil awoke again …

Plunge into the magical world of fantasy and take part in the deadly battle with the terrible demon boss and his servants. Warning: to defeat the enemy will not just … This is not the place for casual players, you are waiting for this hardcore.

Apply your skills in battle and feel like a real hero. Quick gameplay, a fantasy magical world and interesting boss stages will only increase the pleasure you get.

“Continuous battle and no routine” is the motto of our dynamic and very exciting action game.

– Change weapons – cut with a sword or use magic – choose your style of combat.

– Receive rewards – open chests with valuable treasures.

– Develop – improve abilities and achieve better results.

– Collect all combat skills and destroy your opponents.

– Enjoy epic music during the battle.

– Compete – compare your progress with your friends.

This is the first indie game created by a team of RoDuPop enthusiasts. It has simple, but beautiful pixel graphics, so it is perfect for lovers of old school games. Also it will suit those who like to play slasher, action-RPG and free role-playing games.

The choice is yours – ETERNAL GLORY or SHAME DEATH!

GODLIKE - экшен босс файтинг
GODLIKE - экшен босс файтинг
GODLIKE - экшен босс файтинг
GODLIKE - экшен босс файтинг
GODLIKE - экшен босс файтинг
GODLIKE - экшен босс файтинг


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