Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms v1.32.018 Mod Apk


Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms

Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms v1.32.018 Mod Apk The first hardcore action hand tour infinite fast cut pleasure
“Ghosts and Three Kingdoms” in the game design to seek concise operation, and for the players to bring the most hardcore most straightforward action game experience, return to the arcade smooth cool dripping rhythm; touch screen batter speed soared, ultra-excited instantly detonated, Shibuya kill a touch of amazing eyes!

Oriental fantasy value of the peak ink rendering visual feast
“Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms” by the top painter effort to build, the art team for the game designed a new concept of visual experience, both the atmosphere of the East ink, but also fantasy romantic romantic. Game exclusive oriental fantasy style, guaranteed to let you put it down! The

The air to walk Smart Smart dodge life and death walk refused to stand pile
For arcade players, the “fluency” is also an important element of the assessment game. “Ghosts and Three Kingdoms” to straightforward and smooth, mobile can be punched, the release of skills to “fluency” soaring, the air can release the skills of the enemy to pursue, players skill switch no gap output, Smart Hyun bucket HIGH to not!

Switch weapons seamlessly subversively operate the limits of the fingers
“Ghosts and Three Kingdoms” to take you to experience the fighting in the multi-weapons switch, attack the process of knives, guns, crossbow and other weapons to switch far attack near, each weapon has a corresponding set of weapons skills; switch weapons to bring the skills of injury Through the operation can be seamless wounded, fighting undefeated continuous, smooth enjoy the action hand tour pleasure peak!

One ride when the power of the array of strategic battle to crush the enemy
From the strategic aspects of combat, the “ghosts of the Three Kingdoms” to you “unparalleled mowing” type of Shuanghua degrees, but bid farewell to the mowing of the brain. The spirit of the three countries of the intellectual spirit, the game of the enemy’s AI formed the concept of soldiers array, different arms of the enemy coordination, players choose a reasonable strategy, you can enjoy a ride when the “broken array” pleasure!

Part of the role of the game wearing a prominent feature of the clothing, there are attacks, fighting and other images
According to the game software classification management approach is classified as: auxiliary 15, you need to have more than 15 years old to use the game
Please pay attention to the use of time, avoid indulging in the game

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1, spike
2, invincible


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