Galaxy Soldier – Alien Shooter v1.5 Mod Apk


Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter

Galaxy Soldier – Alien Shooter v1.5 Mod Apk Exiled alien race opened portals from the other dimension to start invasion and take over human bases near The Kuiper Belt. They use forbidden technology to create ultimate weapon that turns every living species into bloodthirsty mutants. Now Alien Flagships are preparing for a final strike on your home world. You have no choice but to fight with invaders!

-Shoot and run through 50 missions against horrible space mutants!
– Receive amazing bonuses, upgrade guns, statistics (shield, damage, fire, heating and cooldown)!
– Complete mission to level up and gain extra Money or Crystals!
– Customize unstoppable mech hero with tons of high-tech equipment!
– Find rare ammo and weapons in special chests!
– Enjoy unique 3D graphic effects in a science fiction design!

Equip yourself with over 30 deadly weapons and amazing power-up supports. Drag down the meteor and destroy abomination with a huge impact. Shoot your enemies with universal and reliable laser beam or hit them with power of nuclear fusion. Get Force Field that absorbs damage caused by tremendous monsters.

Be careful and don’t overheat your only friends GUNS! Every second of hesitation can cost you shield loss (or even worst, your health). Whenever aliens get to close, use Mech Fist to create powerful shockwave that will destroy nearby enemies. If situation on battlefield gets to hot, you can always fly above wave of aliens. You have only one chance to win the war. Play the game wisely and have maximum fun with shooting!

The galaxy is not safe anymore, aliens mother spaceships destroy planets in the Solar System one by one, but there is still one last hope – You, Galaxy Soldier! Use radioactive decay with huge energy impact that rips everything ahead. Fight alone with army of alien beasts but still take care about your ammo and sufficient power of guns. The harder you shot, the closer you get to kill your main opponent – Alien Queen from the other dimension. Nobody said that the war will be easy to win!

You need to shoot and run fast, before the portals to the other part of space city will be closed. To struggle with powerful alien mutants use blast Transistor which smash enemies with extra power. Be clever! To make yourself more powerful use UFO researches against them. Check unique Cloning Technology that multiplies rewards collected by your shots and go to Nebula Stages to upgrade your soldier faster.

Alien invaders have brought on your planet vast of ugly monsters. Defeat massive and unique mutant bosses in epic final battles. They are mean, really huge and determined to crush your high tech civilization. Machines, torpedoes and riffles couldn’t handle the power of mutants. The worst of all, is that alien spaceships ruined your military chain of supplies and killed millions of other elite mech soldiers before. Now you are alone on a battlefront. Use whatever you can find to win space war. Crystals, Instant Fix, Mech Fist. Absolute Zero technology, that will help cooling down your weapons and could help you to fight with alien dictatorship.

Crystals and money can give you opportunity to get new weapons and survive the next wave of Alien Queen’s guards. The more you shoot and kill, the more rewards you can get. Choose your type of play between Story Mode and Survival Mode and make special achievements help you to become the ultimate space hero.

Galaxy Soldier Alien Shooter is a free runner game optimized to work smooth on most mobile devices. Discover well-designed 3D animations and immerse yourself into space combat. Enjoy the endless war and put your fingers on the trigger!

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See you on battlefront, soldier!

Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter
Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter
Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter
Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter
Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter
Galaxy Soldier - Alien Shooter

Each Mission Give 100k Each Currency

How to install:
Install original and bypass some first tutorial and log in google play account then install mod


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