Gakuen Senki Planet Wars v1.0.1.26 Mod Apk


Gakuen Senki Planet Wars

Gakuen Senki Planet Wars v1.0.1.26 Mod Apk
Space history of 1400 years, mankind has built an advanced civilization, leave the resource was trying to depletion of the earth, it flew into space. The human race, signed a lot of intelligent life and military alliance that live in the galaxy, was to look for habitable planets in the vast universe. For this reason was established for is in a “Verunui military school”, it has continued to produced a large number of human resources in the vanguard of planetary exploration.
Space history of 1485 years, new students who aim to become members of the vanguard is riding to the spacecraft “Star Chaser”, arrived in Verunui school. You as one of the freshman, together with his friends, while confront the threat pounce one after another, blast off into space large adventure of looking for the stars!

[Game system]
3D shooting action game players are going to defeat the enemy that appears on the field by making full use of various firearms!
◆ enjoy the stylish shooting action in avoidance commands and auto-aiming system!
◆ de exhilarating flashy skills and exciting battle!
◆ combat, can invoke the “Mobile Armor mode” and certain conditions are met! Dressed in a high-tech power suit, dominated the field in the super firepower!

[Equipment and Avatar]
Shot gun, sub-machine gun, trying to freely customize the character to collect the equipment, such as Vital suit! Equipment is not only a power-up, so also changes the appearance of the player When installed, you can also enjoy the dress!

[Wide variety of game modes]
◆ Story mode: as a school freshman, monster extermination, goods transport, such as mechanic escort, enjoy a variety of missions!
◆ PVP mode: 1’s hardball of-one! Try to overwhelm the rival firepower to customize the firearms!
◆ Multiplayer mode: 1 person trying to destroy in cooperation with the fellow the boss monsters that did not win in!
◆ MOBA mode: slow down the defense tower of the partner sites while protecting the base from which you belong to! Firepower and weapons, of course, also important to run around the strategic field depending on the game situation!

Female students with excellent combat force is selected in the school of special forces, called the “Senki”. Of course, the battle with mutant life forms, in order to deepen the friendship between the organization of the various planets, as women sometimes with a lovely appearance “diva”, up to the stage, must show off the music and song. In order to protect the peace of the galaxy, “Senki” is also “Diva” also a essential existence.
— And, she us the best of the “battlefield” of’ll prepare a “stage” is your role.

[Voice actor]
Senki it will support the battle in the sweet voice!
Voice cast: Yui Ogura, Ayane Sakura, Takashi Amamiya, Aya Suzaki, Chinami Hashimoto, Shizuka Ishigami, Natsumi Takamori, Tobi Tateishi.

[Recommended terminal]
Android4.4 or later (RAM 2GB or more recommended)


One Hit Kill
God Mode
No Skill Cooldown
Always Critical Hit
Triple Movement Speed


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