Futusia war v2.1.2 Mod Apk



Futusia war

Futusia war v2.1.2 Mod Apk SEGA first “four people fighting” action RPG hand tour
Into the world of “udisia”, and the fate of the sword meet!
And the lurking soul of the spiritual weapons “Fortis” together to start a gorgeous adventure!

▼ 4 people fighting together, anytime, anywhere connection play
4 people together, the connection that war, enjoy the fighting without waiting pleasure, and fate of the adventure partners together, and then the strong enemies do not need to back down! Join the common fight, you can also get rare material Oh!

▼ gorgeous “Fortis call”, launched spiritual unique skills
Through the battle set full SP, you can launch the spiritual weapons Fortis “call”! All kinds of different spiritual weapons skills, different combinations will produce unexpected results Oh!

▼ flexible use of two-handed sword, sledgehammer, stick and other weapons!
Use different attributes of the skills it! Crazy combo, up to 5 paragraphs combo attack “two-handed sword”! Hit the enemy, “sledgehammer” will be your powerful weapon! From the distance to attack the enemy, the unexpected gorgeous equipment “stick”!

▼ to synthesize “Enchanting effect” to strengthen all kinds of equipment!
Some of the weapons and equipment in the game can be opened with special abilities “Enchanting effect”! Synthetic “Enchanting Effect” makes your weapon more unmatched!

▼ luxury syllable lineup
Guan Zhiyi, Chiba root Jianzhi, Asano real Cheng, big empty straight, inland hi Jiuzi … and so on up to 24 well-known seiyuu, gorgeous offer, to create super-extreme hearing feast!

Game background
Thousands of years ago, in the battle of mankind and monster, the powerful weapon of the souls of the adventurers “Fortis” accidentally scattered around the world, and now the descendants of the monster comeback … mankind to survive, trying to find scattered around the world Fortis ,
Only a few selected psychic “Fortisia” can communicate with …

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