Formula Clicker – Idle Manager v1.6.7 (Mod Apk Money)



Formula Clicker - Idle Manager

 Formula Clicker – Idle Manager v1.6.7 (Mod Apk Money)  Have you ever dreamt about running your own racing team? Now you can!

Formula Clicker – Idle Manager is a idle tycoon game where you should make money and build fastest single sitter supercar by: making a fortune signing contracts, upgrading parts, expanding buildings, hireing experts, growing your office, driving car on track and smashing lap records. Best Formula, One Clicker game master!

• Tap, upgrade, buy, hire!

You need to work on your vehicle and choose parts to upgrade to become the best team in Formula – one the world have never seen! Sign sponsors, earn money and become the business best.
Hire people to squeeze every last drop of performance out of parts and boost speed of your single sitter! Upgrade your engine, turbo, chasis, tires, steering and many, many more!
Become car mechanic working on your machine, top race manager supervising team business, driver racing on track and create the ultimate supercar in most addictive racing tycoon.

• Build and upgrade buildings

Invest money in buildings to get more possibilities like painting in Paint Garage or checking stats in Dyno. Get additional bonuses with new levels! The purpose is one: Formula single sitter needs to be the best in the new turbo era! And all that while driving your own machine!
In this business tycoon you can be the greatest motorsport manager and become millionaire, billionaire and even more!

• Speed is everything

Everything revolves around lap times – test your machine on track, smash records and be the fastest! Compete with people around the world to become best motorsport manager!
Earn rewards for successful tests or get back to become car mechanic again to make your supercar faster. Upgrade engine, turbo or any other part, increase speed of your vehicle, try racing again, smash track record and earn millions, billions!

• Business Tycoon at its best

You are the most important man in this turbocharged Idle Clicker game. Everything depends on your decisions – will your supercar smash the track record? Will test be successful? Who will you hire? What sponsors will be signed? Is your driving style going to be agressive? What parts will you upgrade? Steering? Turbo? Are you going to be more car mechanic or driver? Decide quickly. Speed can be decisive! Are you going to become millionare? Billionaire? Or maybe even more that that? Everything is in your hands. Chase your dream of becoming the top race manager!

If you love clicker games – download Formula Clicker – Idle Manager best Car Tycoon and find out what it’s like to be a billionaire with your own team!

Formula Clicker - Idle Manager
Formula Clicker - Idle Manager
Formula Clicker - Idle Manager
Formula Clicker - Idle Manager
Formula Clicker - Idle Manager
Formula Clicker - Idle Manager


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