Fish Island 2 v1.3.0 Mod Apk


 Fish Island 2

Fish Island 2 v1.3.0 Mod Apk

New genre RPG to overturn the common sense! Fish Island 2!

■ exhilarating fishing with simple operation!
Easy operation of just a tap in accordance with the timing!
Tap at the timing of overlapping marker!
In action-like style of the rhythm game, refreshingly Tsuriagero the fish!

■ really fishing game! ?
When you fight a powerful boss “Kamijuu” is Mochikaero a fishing rod in the “cannon”!
While preventing a powerful attack from God Beast, Bukkake the cannon by connecting the combo let go!
Operation, of course it’s easy!

■ 300 or more types of “spirit” appeared!
As a powerful companion of the hero, it appeared more than 300 kinds of spirits!
Spirit can take up to four bodies at the same time, the combination of freedom!
Let’s take the spirit to match the enemy of attributes!

■ simultaneous play! Cooperation Battle!
Up to four simultaneous play in! To defeat the ultra-large and ultra-powerful God Beast,
Everyone attempting to match the power!
Since the raid battle can also create room, you can play together with realistic friend!

■ Story
Beautiful sea and the fish we live “World line”.
To defeat God beast that threaten the peace of the world “Tiamat”,
Then, in order to become the apex of the angler is a dream “Seamaster”,
Hero adventure aims to the farthest reaches of the sea “Kronos Blue” with his friends!
Enjoy the story of a complete full voice!


Mod: japanese game
1. Damage X50
2. Combo X50


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