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Fantasy Squad

Fantasy Squad v1.0.3 Mod Apk congratulation! The official start of the service!
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– Star 5 Puradia x 2 bodies
– Jewelry 500 (11 consecutive minutes!)

Summon the Giant, action challenge to adventure RPG!
At the tip, which has been closed to the wonders of the wall, there was a spirit and a variety of ethnic groups live in the “new world”.
From crowded elements such as over development and production, to interpersonal elements mutually fight each other adventurers, all here!
Advanced over adventure, increase the lot of fellow, Tokiakase the secrets of the “New World”!

[game introduction]

■ to fight to summon a Giant
Giant appears adventure in the “New World” is now, begins.
Before a powerful enemy, it will overtake fight summoned the Giant!

■ 50 Man types of troops (squad)
Powerful “Chain Skills” is activated and to organize the troops in a particular character to each other!
Let psyched to adventure formed a favorite of troops!

Take grip strength ■ and production equipment
You can create powerful weapons and armor in the recipe and the material that got in the adventure!

■ of 5-to-5 in the “Rumble Battle” Ae compete strength
Compete the strength of their troops in the adventurers each other!
Which character in either fight, or challenge in the battle in any order,
Let Kachinuko read the opponent’s tactics and strategies!


Long ago.
The north side of the world was covered with a huge “wonder of the wall”.
Under the influence of the huge earthquake that occurred some time, it caused a large crack in the wonders of the wall,
Investigation team is headed to the investigation led by the Kingdom of the knight “Aiden”.
However, if they penetrate the crack is closed, I did not return single person.

Then a few years later.
Large earthquake occurs, the walls cracked in again.
Aiden brother “Stein” is in order to explore the whereabouts of Aiden,
Set foot to have been closed to the wonders of the wall, “New World”.

The “Giant” much more gigantic than humans were present there.

□ price
Apps body: basic free-to-play (some paid items)

□ support
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□ recommended terminal
· Android 4.1 or higher
※ In some devices, even if they meet the above conditions may not be available.


1. Weaken the enemy


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